Operation Eichmann

Operation Eichmann

Drama about the life Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer responsible for the deaths of countless Jewish people during World War II.

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Marc L (ag) wrote: Un drame intimiste sur un sujet encore tabou : la depression post-partum ou comment une mere en arrive a ne rien a eprouver pour son enfant dans une societe qui sacralise la maternite. Peu de mots, peu d'action, tout se joue dans les regards et les gestes de cette femme depassee par les evenements et dans ceux d'un entourage qui ne la comprends pas. Si on passe outre la secheresse de la mise en scene, le plus grand merite de "L'etranger en moi" est sans doute de ne porter aucun jugement, ni sur celle qui vit ce drame interieur ni sur ceux qui ne le vivent pas et essayent, avec plus ou moins d'abnegation, d'en assumer les consequences. On pourra juger a bon droit telle ou telle reaction injuste ou egoiste mais jamais le film ne donne l'impression d'aiguiller le spectateur vers l'un ou l'autre pret-a -penser moral rassurant. "L'etranger en moi" est une oeuvre intrigante, parfois dure mais qui a le merite d'offrir un point de vue de franc-tireur sur une situation qui fait encore l'objet d'une omerta publique. A deconseiller aux parturientes. Ou peut-etre pas apres tout...

Gintoki S (kr) wrote: Very Entertaining movie. Sets the tone for the following two movies.

Meredith W (it) wrote: Not much of plot, but the art direction and costumes were very authentic and cool. "The Runaways" captures the energy of the era's music and the performances by Dakota Fanning and especially Kirsten Stewart as Joan Jett make it worthwhile viewing. While it is not going to blow anybody away it is still a very well made biopic.

WS W (ca) wrote: Noir, but just not noir enough at all.

Richard K (ag) wrote: An excellent film. Hard to believe it was just a movie set. Differing subplots come together and break apart. I gave it an A- though I woudn't quibble with a B+. Excellent script.

Alex H (de) wrote: Difficult to follow, but it is based on an early Gibson short so to some degree that's to be exprected. A strong performance from all three leads and gorgeous cinematography makes it worth a look, if you can get your head around what's actually happening.

John P (es) wrote: best irish movie... well ever ,

Sergio E (kr) wrote: I seem to always like everything with animals in the story but this movies is not that bad it is alittle corny and it feels kind of sluggish in the script but it's manegeable!! When Will Stoneman's father dies, he is left alone to take care of his mother and their land. Needing money to maintain it, he decides to join a cross country dogsled race. This race will require days of racing for long hours, through harsh weather and terrain. This young man will need a lot of courage and a strong will to complete this race. The acting is great, the screenplay is all right, history aside it's not too bad. After all, history can be bleak sometimes, and hope springs eternal, we can always dream and imagine right? For film score fans like me, the music, which I always am interested in, is not so bad, the main theme is nice, but it's not as good as the music from Interview With The Vampire or Forrest Gump. Well, it was good. True it had some bad Disney unrealistic heart-jerking story in it, especially at the end. The bad guys were really Disney evil, but the rest of the film worked. Kevin Spacey gives his best at whatever role he tackles, and this is no exception. The sledding scenes are very good and it is really cold - you can feel it, and so can the actors judging by the breath. Based on a true story, this journey begins in South Dakota in 1917. Will Stoneman is a 17 year old young man who loses his father. Will is left with devastated until one morning he notices a flyer of the Carnival Derby (a dog sled race from Winnipeg, Canada to St. Paul Minnesota) in which his father was thinking of competing. After getting his mother, Maggie Stoneman, to comply, she gets Ned Dodd, an Indian who lives with the family, to get Will straight into training. Once Will arrives to the competition, he is greeted with a ridicule of laughter, yet do they know how bad he wants to win. Will that be enough to get Will from the beginning to end of the race and win, in one piece through the meanest, toughest stretch of land, and weather conditions that he has yet to embark on?

Boras K (ru) wrote: "I want a bottle of rat poison""Small or large please?"A stunning albeit short film... It focuses on showing power through silence rather than noise... the characters let their desperation sink into the movie and the tension pass through their faces just by staring at the viewer which is spooky and stimulating at the same time... Overall this is a movie that's rare and needs it time but that it grows into you...

Kyungmin K (nl) wrote: This is cheese, but you have to know & accept this ahead of time and you'll enjoy seeing outfits & colloquialisms as a blast from the past.

Hayden G (ru) wrote: Should be required viewing if only for one of the greatest overlooked quotes in film history: "Welcome to Prime Time, bitch!"

Ben W (gb) wrote: one of the greatest noir films ive ever seen. absolutely nothing boring happens in this story. its compelling from opening frame to end title. not only that but the performances that sam fuller gets of these actors are some of the best of the era. its brash, passionate, extreme in every way. richard widmark played the pickpocket to a t, but the real story is thelma ritter. few times in history have a seen a part played so well. if you havent seen a sam fuller movie, you could do worse than watching this movie.

MrBRS559 (es) wrote: Like the original with it's own little twists, if you're a fan of the original I suggest you watch this one too.

Stuart B (ag) wrote: Still need to see all of this!

Chris C (gb) wrote: Though it has its funny moments,European Vacation lacks the genuine hilarity and charm of its predecessor that Chevy Chase previously delivered.

Nikki W (au) wrote: This film is fine for a directorial debut. It's soft and an easy watch, a simple A to B storyline - nothing too taxing for Evans' first time out as director.As a watcher of all things Marvel, and with a penchant for press junkets and chat show appearances on Youtube (everyone has a guilty pleasure), I've seen plenty of interviews with Evans. He comes across smart, funny and charming. In Before We Go, it seems, he is just playing himself. It feels like his roles as actor and director spread him too thin and he lacked time or energy to put more into the character. Still, that being said, he's the best thing in this.Let me say right off the bat, I haven't liked any of Alice Eve's work (that I've seen). She's not bad or hard to watch but, for me, she never shines or does anything of note. The same can be said here. Her accent is off, her character is not endearing in the slightest and there is no chemistry between the leads (even with Evans' charm offence throughout).A lot of this film is just hard to believe, the story, Eve's willingness to just wander New York with a stranger, and there are glaring errors in easily checked things like the train pricing - a pretty integral plot point in the first act. As much as this is a small thing, those kind of continuity errors or goofs, really pull you out of a film.Really, the worst thing with this film is the story/script. Hollywood loves a love story, a meet cute, a happy ending, but this just has four too many cliches and coincidences. It's trite and, quite frankly, I got bored. Even the non-traditional ending of a romance film felt expected by the end. Hopefully Evans' next directorial effort will be brighter, bigger and with a better script.

t w (au) wrote: It's a mess buts it's still entertaining