Operation: Endgame

Operation: Endgame

A battle ensues among two government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   fire,  

A battle ensues among groups of government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Operation: Endgame torrent reviews

Omar E (br) wrote: reese witherspoon...beautiful

Emily G (ru) wrote: Loved it- I'm a sucker for Christina's voice and Cher is amazing it whatever she does. It's cheesy as hell but perfect for a movie night in with the girls.

Nathaniel R (jp) wrote: Not the best Stephen King adaptation out there but still worth a watch.

Max E (fr) wrote: A surprisingly fresh and well acted movie with an almost uncanny atmosphere of both love and hate. The story in itself is not great, but the surroundings are, like a soap opera worth watching. If not for anything else, Ellen Page is certain to keep you watching.

Mariana A (ag) wrote: Very nicely done and inormative. I actually think it was genius to have Nia Vardalos do the narration. She's not only a very likable actress, but I think any audience who enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Wedding already has a connection between her and "knowing" Greece.

Sujit L (ag) wrote: In a league of its own...easily the best gangster movie ever made in bollywood.

Deb S (ag) wrote: This is a gritty police story of crime and corruption in the police force based partially on a true story revolving around a young black cop J.J. Johnson (MICHEAL BOATMAN), the first black officer who is sent to an all-white Los Angeles station for his first assignment. The black rookie encounters not-so-subtle racism and at first tries to fit in by covering up certain corrupt practices within his department but then he is drawn into a plot to falsify evidence against a supposed murderer (ICE CUBE). He is teamed up with Lori Petty, the only female deputy who helps J.J in his investigation. As a much deeper conspiracy is uncovered, J.J and Petty tries to uncover the truth behind the false prosecution of Ice Cube and finds themselves trapped between the wheels of the conspirators and the legal system, both of which they are sworn to serve. Great cast of actors including Richard Anderson, M. Emmet Walsh, Bernie Casey (is good as Ice Cube's lawyer) and Elliott Gould and Michael Ironside who is chilling as one of the corrupt officers!

Keith (ca) wrote: Calvin Klein commercials have more depth than this drivel.

D M (it) wrote: I actually originally saw this in the theatre. Definitely a lower budget movie (Canon Films produced this as they were falling apart as a company), but has all the prominent actors once again returning. This, the fourth entry features a much more convoluted story often lacking continuity; it is much goofier than any of the others. Superman shows his hippie side as Gene Hackman is a black market nuclear arms dealer who creates a nuclear-powered anti-Superman. The Hackman's nephew must have inspired Scott Evil. I wanted to like this more, but the penny-pinching was obvious in all aspects of the movie.

Scott R (jp) wrote: Fairly dry and slow film of swapping state secrets during the cold war. It has it's moments in the intricate story weaves to show us the complications of loyalty and morality. It involves Russian, French, USA and Cuban governments and shows some of their contrasting characteristics. Karin has a beautifully dramatic death.

john g (es) wrote: best movie of all times

VJ B (au) wrote: Really annoyed me at first, but I don't care any more.

(gb) wrote: Absolute american bullshit. Non-Ukrainian, non-historical and non-Gogol' in all aspects. I was especially amazed (laugh even now when think of this dull screen adaptation) by Cossacks singing XI century russian song "Kalinka-malinka". Very funny considering how cossacks treated everything russian.