Operation Shmenti Capelli

Operation Shmenti Capelli

The title is based on the idiomatic expression "shmenti capelli" characterizing actions of people who like to shuffle and bamboozle others with superficial commitments. Karamfilov choose it as a metaphor for people with huge economic and political power. The funny comedy incorporates a tragic story in which Karamfilov plays two roles: the Big Guy and the Little Guy. Big is tied to the Mafia and the Secret services. Little is an unemployed teacher, squeezed and crushed by the system, which stops his heating and electricity, has his home emptied by a bailiff, and uses him as a tool in a game.

Operation Shmenti Capelli is one of the most unique filmmaking stories in Bulgaria during the last twenty years. The long awaited eccentric comedy is a personal dream of popular Bulgarian ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (nl) wrote: I watched most of this but didn't really connect with it. Honestly I think it's my mood at the moment because I've had 4 in a row like this. I'm going to decline to rate for now and will probably try this another time. I didn't give it 100% of my attention and I think it's a film to watch carefully or not "get".

Jens S (au) wrote: The animation is really original and well done, the effort that had to go into this film alone makes you want to appreciate it. Sadly, the story isn't much help after a decent start. While it is likable that the film tries to stay surprising and avoid stereotypes the plot becomes a bit of a mess in the second half. It's also surprisingly gritty and not exactly for all children. Somewhat disappointing.

Jamie R (ag) wrote: A film so powerful and immersive it made me sick, this phenomenally respectful and heart wrenchingly gritty film will make you want to scream during its final 6 minutes. It's hard to watch, but impossible to look away from.

Tom B (br) wrote: Anthony Hopkins does a marvelous job of portraying Nixon, even though he looks quite different than Nixon. By the end of the film you forget he is just the actor and not the real thing. He has his physical posture and gestures down cold, as well as his manner of speaking. A brilliant performance. However, you must realize that this is Oliver Stone's take on Nixon, not necessarily the whole truth. If you watch it with an open mind you will find it very interesting as the film mixes actual clips of the real Nixon with the fictional account of the movie.A fascinating film.

Russell S (ca) wrote: Fun, action packed movie if somehow largely forgotten. It feels a little flat at times and the ending a little abrupt. Enjoyable all the same.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Kara J (jp) wrote: I love this movie it's always a good one to watch...

Tim J (jp) wrote: This is an utterly ridiculous, fantastical 70's second-wave feminist romp, in which Babs plays a bored housewife who, among other things, fantasizes herself the lover to a Lesbian Castro and joins a group of Black nationalists to bomb the Statue of Liberty. Aspects of this are highly problematic -- particularly a primitivist excursion into tribal Africa -- but it's a fascinating document of a particular cultural moment and ridiculously entertaining.

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Michael R (us) wrote: Decent Telling Of The West Memphis Three...!

Caleb M (de) wrote: A sardonic neo-noir shot in bright and alarming shades of pastels by Tak Fujimoto, back when Fujimoto??s pictures stood apart and drew you in. Miami Blues stands out as a unique deconstruction of the type of romance typical of a noir: Jennifer Jason Leigh??s infinitely nave and forgiving ??Susie?? is too busy making her man dinner to be a conniving femme fatale, but it is Alec Baldwin??s relationship with her that leads to his?? ??Jr??s?? demise. Filled with scenes that blur the line between darkly funny and unnerving, the film runs along in a blur following Jr. as he steals his way from place to place after murdering a Hari Krishna getting of LAX. Fred Ward??s police Sgt. Mosley is on the case, and Jr. is a potential witness. After a hairy dinner/interrogation, Jr. robs Mosley, stealing not only his gun and badge, but his false teeth as well. As Jr. goes about Miami, robbing people blind and even making a few arrests, Mosley desperately tries to pull his LAX case together. Meanwhile, the love and openness offered to Jr. by Susie and Jr??s own desires for her lead him to let his guard down, just as Mosley has put together the pieces.Miami Blues is a terrific picture. It never lets up; with a script that goes places you??ve never seen before and isn??t afraid to throw you into a disconcerting haze; colors and lighting that bring out a unique style that suits the mise en scene perfectly; and performances that are so good because they??re so fun. Baldwin and Ward must have had a blast being these characters, and their characters enjoy being themselves. Miami Blues also stands alongside such unique neo-noirs as Zero Effect (1998) and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), for it??s uncanny dreamlike undercurrent, and both Freeway and Bound (both 1996) in its depiction of aggressive and stylish violence and cunning.Also, a film well worth revisiting. I know my opinion and understanding have certainly changed since my first viewing.

Amy S (ca) wrote: The concept was interesting but the execution was poor and boring! I honestly didn't make it though the entire moving.