Operation Splitsville

After a boy's parents decide to divorce, he creates a "support group" for all the kids from failed marriages in his school. When kids who's parents aren't divorced start to pick on them, ...

. . When kids who's parents aren't divorced start to pick on them, . After a boy's parents decide to divorce, he creates a "support group" for all the kids from failed marriages in his school

Operation Splitsville is the best movies torrent of Patrick Braoudé (earlier screenplay), Gordon Cassidy (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 1999. There are many actors in this movies torrent, such as David Berry, Jesse Littlejohn, Jeff Gendelman, Loryn Locklin, Gina Belafonte, Maurice Benard, Stephanie Sawyer, Grady Hutt, Loretta Devine, Christopher Lambert, Trevor Einhorn, Shaun Fleming, Robby Seager, Paige Segal, Brian Vickers. There are many categories, such as Comedy. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 4.8 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Andreas N (de)

Yeah, her raunchy behaviour wears thin after a while, but it's still a good time. OK, stupid funny, but funny none the less. I don't care what the critics say, this was funny

Chuck B (nl)

Overall an okay movie, but just not great. Also I do feel the story does have a anti-abortion message. The people have no emotions and they are all the same. " The story is about a "perfect" communist state, but it comes at a price. Elements of the story remind me of Ayn Rand's short story "Anthem. It's not a bad movie, but there is just not enough depth in the movie. This is a movie based on a book and I'm sure the book is better

Eliabeth G (nl)

Catchy tunes, and Danny Kaye is a pleasure to watch. I would've enjoyed more if I hadn't first seen this as a twenty-something

Jason t (mx)

Great movie that hits issues across the times hard to believe that this was made so long ago as it feels fresh today !

Joel A (ag)

It's an edgy film that ultimately delivers hope, a superb film. It's honest, raw & well made. It's not an easy film to watch but it's definitely a relatable one. There is very little of this film that is sugar coated & Michael Keaton delivers an undeniable powerhouse performances that I believe has inspired many other actors over the years. A very confronting & realistic to the core film of an addict dealing with his demons & trying to move on to a normal functional life

Joel H (de)

I like Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott. Looks funny enough

Leelee P (es)

boring movie, houston is great though

Mitchell M (au)

Its themes aren't especially compelling or unique, but "The Ides Of March" remains a confident, taut and superbly acted political thriller

Nate R (es)

i'd say maybe i was sneaking into another movie, but this was 'R' and i was too old for a stunt like that. i mean literally, i have a stub but i can't believe i went. i can't believe i bought a ticket to this movie

Rob F (mx)

lso after watching this, I had a yen for shaved ice and sweet bean!. The exercises they do are both funny and relaxing to watch. All the performances are as perfectly quiet and simple as you figure they'd be. But if you want a quirky movie with friendly characters then this is for you! The beach setting alone would be worth watching for the movie's run time. The story is pretty straightforward so I won't go into any exposition about it. A "relaxing" movie with a moral that's obvious but doesn't beat you over the head with it