Opstandelsen brings the zombie apocalypse into the house of God. Simon's three siblings gather at his funeral - where all hell breaks loose as the undead rise from their graves, driving the siblings down into the deep dark catacombs below the church. Surrounded by death, they now have to face the congregation of zombies in order to escape the house of God alive...

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Patrick D (it) wrote: Surprisingly good, notwithstanding that I'm really not a fan of the band and never quite understood why they became so enormously successful.

FrancesscaLouise O (br) wrote: this film is bollax but looks good could have been great on a better budget

Susan S (ru) wrote: Modra is a wonderful film. A beautiful and often overlooked subject - brilliantly and sensitively handled. Wonderful cinematography, lovely actors and acting, great music, Great Film. Definitely a Must See.

Michelle M (jp) wrote: A foreign Drama Romance film. Entirely in French, this movie was a surprise. I had not seen anything but the trailer and was floored by how deep this movie was. The story kept me watching, waiting to see how things turn out for Marie (Pauline Acquart). I enjoyed it and would recommend it. 3.5 stars.

Joshua C (ru) wrote: Man, this movie was fucking terrible. HA!

David D (nl) wrote: An interesting story about a man forced to live in India after his job is outsourced there. His struggles to adjust are relatable and it's fun to watch him adapt and change. At the very least, it was much much better than the TV show. Good watch.

Loren R (es) wrote: Ein leichter und unterhaltsamer Film, an einem nassen, grauen Sonntag. Obwohl die Geschichte nichts Neues erzhlt, muss man doch ab und zu schmunzeln. Kidman hat noch nie schrfer ausgesehen!

Keith (de) wrote: no need to talk about the acting, the 3 adtors are just amazing. but ive got to say Bergman is the key of this movie, this movie is rather a film or iu can call it a play but only showing on tv screen. such a clever director work, Bergman, i salut you.

Jeffrey M (nl) wrote: Love this movie, a very touching and very heart-warming film with Lassie. A boy and his dog, Lassie share a bond. Lassie ends up being taken back by a rich man who cliams to be the true owner. Lassie runs away from the man. The boy sets out to find Lassie. Love this movie, James Stewart is awesome in this classic movie and Michael Sharrett is awesome and with a special appearance by Mickey Rooney.

David B (br) wrote: Very dated now but interesting when first released. Some wildly varied acting.....depressing plotline...good performances by the two leads. Compares badly to other films of the era such as Taxi Driver and Alice doesn't live here anymore. Roger Corman produced.

The YoPancake S (it) wrote: A truly fantastic movie that does not receive the credit of being one of the greatest films of all time.

Kyle B (mx) wrote: A very stylish mod movie with great performances from Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks, Richard Jenkins, and John Turturro. It kind of has the feel of The Drop that also came out this year but this one was more involving.

Calum B (mx) wrote: When I first saw this movie, I was ten, and even then I liked it. The script itself housed very funny one liners, particularly form Spacey's character. But I was amazed at how fast the film itself moved. In the first, you are following these scientists going to Africa to find a virus outbreak. Next thing you know, you're watching a helicopter go head on with a plane.First comes the acting. Dustin Hoffman is stupendous as always, Rene Russo plays Robbie with realism, Kevin Spacey makes for a good humor man, Cuba Gooding Jr. pulls off the green man trying to earn respect, and being a bad-ass at the same time. As always, Morgan Freeman is wonderful. Any role I see him in is a role I remember. He's always different, too, neigh does he ever repeat in characterization. Sometimes he's funny, sometimes he's incredibly serious. Last but not least comes Donald Sutherland, one of my favorite actors to date. He can jump into the shoes of any character, including the general trying to protect a secret he knows he shouldn't. One actor whom I particularly enjoyed watching was J.T. Walsh. It's a great shame he died, I liked all his stuff from Breakdown to Pleasantville. He is only in Outbreak for about five minutes, but he has one of my favorite monologues in the history of film. He commands attention as he speaks.Next comes the story itself. A very to-date story. A one all can relate to because it could very well happen. A virus from Africa makes its way here and begins infecting all, without a cure. I liked that there was a hero aspect in Sam Daniels. he was the tracker, the hunter, the curist. Coupled with the story comes the dialogue. Rich, under-appreciated, funny, and serious all wrapped into one. As I said before, the monologue for Walsh is brilliant. Many lines are etched into my mind, and are often used in conversation. Too bad no one knows what I'm saying.I'm a bit surprised this film didn't bode too well with audiences. Mayhap they didn't want to see what could happen, who knows? My only complaint is character endings. You insinuate what happens to McClintock and Ford, also Sam and Robbie, but we don't ever see Casey again. I could infer that he dies, but he could very well have survived. I wish there was a way to know.Finally comes Wolfgang Peterson's remarkable direction. I've been a huge fan of his movies since this movie, including Air Force One, Enemy Mine, not much for Perfect Storm, but his upcoming Ender's Game should be good.At the end, I felt a certain sense of relief and wonderment. But I have to say the soundtrack is rather exquisite. I have always liked James Newton Howard, and though the cd is short in time, it's a time I cannot forget. Particularly the end theme when it's chopper vs. plane time. What a song, keeps me in suspense every time. I like songs that are taken for film trailers as well. It's still too bad not a lot of people know about this movie.8 out of 10

Akramul i (kr) wrote: Nicolas Ray and James Dean immortalise themselves with this relatable drama and isn't a coming of age story.

Colin K (ca) wrote: Merrick! Great villian!