Ora Thakey Odharey

Ora Thakey Odharey


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ora Thakey Odharey torrent reviews

Wiebke K (es) wrote: Fun Eastern, even with some music reminiscent of Westerns, and some strong female characters.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: Banana-flavored candy.

Andrea M (mx) wrote: A me piaciuto, ben fatto, bravi gli attori ha saputo con delicatezza trattare un tema scottante come quello del precariato a tratti commuovendo ma anche facendo molto sorridere.

Drew H (it) wrote: Nothing brilliant but nothing bad either. Some nice editing and sound design. But what stopped this being something better was the 'all over the shop' story that took far to long to get going.

Carita V (ag) wrote: Sylvie Testud is phenomenal! Must read the book also.

Kerry H (it) wrote: Great, funny, emotional rollercoaster of a film. I did'nt expect to enjoy this but I loved it.

Heather M (jp) wrote: Great story, but the actors playing these roles were completely unbelievable as drag queens.

PierreDamien J (au) wrote: A romantic comedy by Peter Bogdanovich, starring Ben Gazzara (one of my favorite actors) and Audrey Hepburn (her last movie), taking place in unique New York city, with very peculiar characters and quite unusual plot. Deserves to be known better, especially by movie fans.

Jacky L (gb) wrote: didn't topple my truffaut fave, "Day for Night". a rather entertaining ride on this metro nonetheless.

Augustine H (br) wrote: With all those unauthorized murders all over the world, these are what Vanessa Redgrave called Zionist hoodlums, aren't they? But are Israelis alone to blame for what they have been through? Despite Spielberg's effort to explore the guilt and psychological trauma of Israelis like Avner in the film, in reality, peace on the promised land seems to have a long way to go, and that's the most saddening thing.

Ian M (au) wrote: The acting is absolutely awful for the most part, and you are willing the annoying characters to be killed off in more horrific ways than they sadly are. The premise of killer Hansel & Gretel is a great idea. Let's hope someone pulls this off well in the future. What was the "Mummy" crap at the end?!

Antonia M (us) wrote: Yndlings filmen. Fantastisk scene med Jim Jarmusch der ryger sin sidste lucky strike