Orange is a 2010 Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Bhaskar, in his third venture after Bommarillu and Parugu. The film features Ram Charan Teja and Genelia D'Souza with Shazahn Padamsee playing a pivotal role. The film, which has music composed by Harris Jayaraj began the first schedule in February 2010,[1] and released on November 26, 2010. Set on the backdrop of Australia, the film opens with an angry Ram (Ram Charan Teja), who just broke up with his girlfriend, narrating the story of his love life to a police officer, Abhishek Verma (Prakash Raj) as he defaces a graffiti of his lover while her father (Prabhu Ganesan) listens.

A man, who doesn't believe that love can last a lifetime, pursues an exuberant romantic, but their clashing ideologies keep them apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayson P (kr) wrote: I watched this film at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and found it to be very intriguing and beautiful. The music was beyond gorgeous and the story behind one of the foremost Boeing design was interesting. However, I was a little disappointed about the CGI effects because it looked really cheap.

Alfredo S (mx) wrote: This comedy hits the worst of marks with unlikeable characters, a boring plot, and awkward humor.

Jamie L (it) wrote: Intense, very powerful movie. Sickening to know that this is true, and shit like this happens all the time, maybe not to this extent, but this is a sick world. Great acting and such a sad film. Highly recommended.

ng H (it) wrote: best black and white film i've ever seen

Sherry M (jp) wrote: Likeable story about a sort of supernatural connection via ham radio between a dead father and his now grown son. Strange idea but it works most of the time due to Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, who is especially good as the troubled son. In fact, I would have liked to see more of why he was troubled.