Orange Girl

THE ORANGE GIRL is about two young men's different paths to finding love. Jan Olav is struck as if by lightning the first time he sees the Orange Girl, and is sure he has found the love of ...

. . Jan Olav is struck as if by lightning the first time he sees the Orange Girl, and is sure he has found the love of . THE ORANGE GIRL is about two young men's different paths to finding love

Orange Girl is the best great movie of Jostein Gaarder (book), Tom Gulbrandsen (script consultant), Axel Helgeland (screenplay), Andreas Markusson (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 2009. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Mikkel Bratt Silset, Harald Rosenstrøm, Annie Dahr Nygaard, Emilie K. Beck, Rebekka Karijord, Glenn Erland Tosterud, Johannes Piene Gundersen, Tom Eirik Solheim, Ellen E.T. Jervell, Jakob Skøyen Andersen, Hendrik Annel, Terje Skonseng Naudeer, Henrik Plau. The kind of movie are Romance. The rating is 5.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Chase H (gb)

This is obviously not a movie to take seriously or watch if you're in the mood for action or drama, but for comedy this is delightful and will leave you feeling good. This is so underrated! It's just a feel good, innocent story with really hilarious moments

Chris D (gb)

not much replay value here when the characters are so unlovable. . . The forest dwellers take on circus freaks and ring masters

David S (ca)

It's all set-up lines for Conti (the punchlines of which he nails), but his character's emotional development isn't fresh enough to sustain the whole film. Conti's performance and dialogue are genuinely amusing, but overall the film has nowhere to go beyond the humor of that performance

Dillon K (jp)

While it clearly is produced as a parody, Cockneys vs Zombies is devoid any sustained laughs

Jayne Elia P (ag)

this movie is bloody brilliant

Loris R (mx)

An absolute must not only for all those who love films, but also for those who love music. The last masterpiece by Fellini before even his extraordinary inspiration started to weaken

Mark J (ru)

If it was a choice of watching this or paint drying, I'd still have to think about it. Other than this, it's a 90 minute waste of time; original narrative with authentic dialogue but a completely hopeless ending. Everybody in this movie is good (even Ray Winstone, who I don't think can act for toffee) with standout performances from John Hurt and Ian McShane

Mark P (us)

dark and disturbing look at the life of drug addicts in the 90s. interesting characters, a few funny moments. cult 90s classic

Matt C (de)

It's pretty much an unmitigated disaster which is a real shame. The performances are all over the place though and at times it plays like Grange Hill with a 70s funk soundtrack. The ambition seems to be to portray a Father's mental illness through the eyes of his child, who at first believes and enjoys the games he is playing but finally realises his illness once things turn sour. Whilst the Director's personal ambitions are probably to be lauded, tonally this is an absolute mess and never really works

Michael R (ag)

Alex Proyas isn't even the shadow of the filmmaker he once was. Bad acting, bad story and embarrassingly bad CGI create one of the worst films to come along in quite a while