Orazi e curiazi 3-2

Orazi e curiazi 3-2


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Orazi e curiazi 3-2 torrent reviews

edwards c (ca) wrote: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy makes grand gesture, boy gets girl. If you want more then this isn't the film for you. What this film does have is some good actors doing some good acting with some lines that occasionally make you laugh. Thus, in spite of the well worn formula, it has enough warmth and charm to overcome the sense of deja vu.

Jon P (de) wrote: This movie is totally funny

Jason K (ca) wrote: why is it that fantasy movies all look like this and are equally unwatchable

Alex M (fr) wrote: I don't like Chris Rock, but from the commercial this looks ok.

Jim B (ru) wrote: I've never been a fan of Christian Slater but he did a phenomenal job in this playing an awkward office worker. I liked this.

intuciic (it) wrote: quite typical story. watchable

Phil H (es) wrote: This odd action flick isn't too bad in spots but its still horrendously bad in the acting and action department and yet another very poor film from an increasingly desperate seeming Dolph Lundgren. Here Dolph faces off against cult character actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa which is a big plus as Cary is a good baddie and has unique characteristics just like our beloved Lance Henriksen. Cary actually looks the part for 'M. Bison' in 'SFII' if you ask me, he would of been perfect for the role and you can see why in this film.Its a weird flick set in an odd future where the baddies dress in Nazi uniforms (lol! unintended I'm sure), there is a king and Princess and everything has a 'Mad Max' feel to it. The action sequences are terrible as usual with some of the worst extras I've seen, but there are some nice martial arts moves from Cary, Shane (warrior princess) and Dolph. The film does have a slight Japanese/Chinese manga/martial arts movie feel running through at times which does save it ever so slightly but the dodgy chopper sequences ruin any chance of redemption.

Mark D (au) wrote: Exorcist spoof which I still find amusing though it is the typical Nielsen slap stick t&a humour. Highly quotable and personally nostalgic.

Vincent Z (es) wrote: This was another unsettling movie, I watched as a kid. Talk about nature going wild. And to think these critters are for real.

JJ M (nl) wrote: This 1930s American South-based film is a cross between Bonnie and Clyde and The Dukes of Hazzard. And you can throw in some of Scorsese's trademarks as well. Like Mean Streets and Taxi Driver to come later that decade, he showcases a great deal of shocking and bloody violence, and with Barry Primus, there is delicous irreverent humour abound. Bertha possesses morals that leave a lot to be desired but thanks to Hershy's performance and that massive smile of hers, she happens to be a ray of sunshine throughout her escapades on the southern railways. Clearly here, Scorsese is a young, budding New York film-maker tuning his unique style and philosophy in an attempt to reach a wider audience. In retrospect, having watched several of his subsequent films, it appears that Scorsese had a deep, very deep, contempt for authority and he was never afraid to challange aspects of societal and police violence head-on.

Javier V (it) wrote: Para aprender sobre el formalismo ruso, Juan Mora Catlett nos hizo el favor de proyectarnos esta cinta de Pudovkin que muestra, justamente, la cada de todo un sistema en Rusia, un sistema opresor, controlado por grupos de poder como lo hacen en nuestro pas hoy da y que, finalmente, es el pueblo quien termina dando la cara y es el pueblo quien restablece el orden a travs de una leccin de moral en el que se conjuntan los valores universales.El montaje, experimental y con edicin relacional (conceptos totalmente nuevos para mi) nos transportan en con una serie de imgenes aparentemente arbitrarias a un mundo regido por el orden y el caos en el que nosotros asociamos lo que vemos con las situaciones que apreciamos.Toda la ltima parte me parece extremadamente llena de motivos que hacen vibrar al espectador de una forma que el cine comercial de nuestros tiempos no hacen. Agradec ese buen momento.

heyitsvasili (fr) wrote: Although the racing montages are fun, the rest of the plot is bland and boring

Evan A (jp) wrote: Dreamworks relives once again producing another great family adventure. (B-)

Angela S (mx) wrote: Another of my first faves.

David P (kr) wrote: Honestly, these old Disney classics suffice my demand for a good film. I loved this one, a full-hearted comedy of the ghost of Blackbeard "tormenting" a man who made him visible to those who... I said too much.Rating:4/4