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Orbis Pictus

In Slovakia, the sixteen year-old Terezka is discharged from her school with a letter to her mother. Along her surrealistic journey to find her mother, Terezka entwines reality and fantasy and meets a man that is hired to burn clothes; a woman buried on the ground; a young bride that is marrying the forty and something year-old widow of his brother to support her family as a tradition in their village; her younger brother that is intern in a special school; a decadent TV comedian and his wife; a powerful mobster in the kitchen of a restaurant; one lover of her mother in her former address; and finally her promiscuous mother that advises her to travel through the world.

In Slovakia, the sixteen year-old Terezka is discharged from her school with a letter to her mother. Along her surrealistic journey to find her mother, Terezka entwines reality and fantasy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick F (ru) wrote: Breathtaking visuals of Nepal enhance this rare look at the world of Tibetan mysticism. The film's lack of any context to its visuals make it more voyeuristic then informative. With no neutral narration to put onscreen happenings in perspective, many of the more mystical aspects of the search for a new reincarnation appear bizarre and difficult to appreciate. The search for the child drags on a bit in the beginning, but the Nepalese countryside is so incredible to look at, that the journey is worth going. When a child is finally found, the slow process of separating him from his parents is difficult to watch and by film's end, I was convinced the child was effectively kidnapped. Depending on how you come down on the belief in reincarnation, this movie will either present a fascinating look at the spirituality of the Tibetan people, or serve as an indictment of the belief in reincarnation.

Private U (mx) wrote: Very beautiful movie, strong emotion thanks to pansori and the beauty of images, but the story is really frustrating, two people who love each other but never follow the same path.. Happy to see Cho Jae Hyeon, the actor in Kim Ki-Duk's Bad Guy.

Mark D (gb) wrote: A very quiet and relatively boring movie. Basically a male bonding flik that can't seem to make up it's mind as to what kind of movie it really wanted to be. Weepy drama? Quirky comedy? Dude with Daddy issues? Throw it all in there and hope something sticks! Too bad none of it really does. Plus, we have the typical annoying kid whom doesn't act or talk like any kid I know. He was just a cypher for the plot, and nothing more. At least it was short.

Aarshin K (it) wrote: Although not as funny as its predecessor "Wanda," this film is nevertheless enjoyable, but borders on the absurd.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: I forgot all about this flick, but it's good w/ a message. Shows how a lot of things can render senseless too. Stuff you assume that matter really don't. If you don't own it. At the least watch it.

Johan v (us) wrote: The best film about the ironic alienation and loneliness in mega-cities ever made. There is no comparison to Rebels of a Neon God. It is unlike anything you've ever seen or will ever see. Upon careful analysis, it is almost impossible to discern even the basic foundations of a three/five act structure, like the classic act 1, plot point1, act 2 pt1, mid-point, act 2 pt2, plot point 2, act 3... all nowhere to be found. Tsai Ming-Liang has created A NEW LANGUAGE of film making here.An essential study for anyone willing to explore a radically different approach to film making.Bravo!

Paul Z (br) wrote: An old fave. My parents are old. Sue me.

Vincent W (fr) wrote: this movie is pretty dang funny and the family is all weirdly insane in a comical way which makes for a great movie.

Bruno V (es) wrote: 1 star for the looks of Ashley Greene ....all the rest stupid , and did see a mistake when she naled the door...she naled it on one site , and one second later she stood on the other side screaming for help...???

Moya W (br) wrote: I found Hotel for Dogs to have a pretty lame storyline and plot, but still it was somewhat entertaining. You don't have to love dogs to enjoy it, you can watch it for the adventure and still find it rather enjoyable. For me it was when you started reading between the lines that this movie started getting better. It wasn't the dog-story that interested me, it was the other one. I quite easily managed to sit through it, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else.