Order of Chaos

Order of Chaos

Almost rich, almost thirty, he never lies or cheats, even when his beautiful fiancé orders him around and his ball-busting boss uses threats as motivation. John never makes a sound, eager to do right. Rick Carlson is not. A smooth talking and coercive, Rick turns John's life upside down when he not only moves into his building, but starts working at his competitive law firm.

The film centers on a talented lawyer who seems to walk in the border between right and wrong because of his career. The appearance of cruel attorney Rick Carlson makes his life become chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda P (ag) wrote: Despite the cover, the name, the setting and the fact it's directed by Atom Egoyan, it's one of the least sexy movies I've seen -- in a heart wrenching, emotionally resonant, almost uplifting, completely surprising way. But yeah, still full o' strippers.

Sean P (ru) wrote: Suspenseful and dark. Worth a watch.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Matthew G (es) wrote: I forgot all about this movie. I watched it years ago and I liked it and remembered Christian Bale from it. It was a little stragne at time and I felt bad for what happens to John Hurt. Daniel Benzali did a good job as the step-father role

Denise H (jp) wrote: Another excellent film presentation by Ken Burns. Many believe Frank Lloyd Wright was America's greatest architect. Scenes, dialogue, actors' voices all show us a glimpse behind the massive ego. Highlights both his triumphs and tragedies...his friends and enemies...his strengths and weaknesses. Wright was a real piece of work as a human but a genius and artist as an architect! I highly recommend this movie!

Vanya M (au) wrote: why People say:bad movie ? ''Falling in Love'' is not a bad movie by any means not stupid or gross,This movie will be on the top list for yet another decade, I'm sure of it

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Saman G (fr) wrote: al pacino in 1982 - gorgeous man and great talent, funny script, but the music...i think i never heard crap music like that : "milk and cookies and friends" (part of the lyrics) + sound of cheap soap opera.

Lisa S (ru) wrote: Road Games is essentially someone trying to make a Hitchcock film that takes place in Australia. The story is exactly like Rear Window except with an able bodied truck driver. The weirdest thing about this movie was that the main actors weren't Australian, and didn't even try to do the accent, yet they're surrounded by Australian actors in the smaller roles. Why not get Australian actors for the main characters? Plus, unlike Rear Window the ending is very unclear and confusing. This movie isn't very good, but it tries to be cool, Keach even gets out some binoculars at one point to hint that this is supposed to be like Rear Window, not that it makes sense for him to use binoculars at that point in the movie. Anyway, this movie fails, but it's not horrendously bad.

Cana G (ca) wrote: Burt played a great mexican, for wayyy back then AND some great shots, like the one towards the end where we are looking at a great view then we are looking down the end of a rifle aimed at Valdez. AND yes he got his hundy bucks! Awesome.

Geir F (ru) wrote: Interesting subject matter, but the documentary has a bit too much of a freak show angle to it (unintentionally so), and is far too long.

Gabriel G (br) wrote: Sure it takes it's humor from society at the moment, but I laughed quite a few times, and is fairly intense at some points with an original story. The humor is geared towards teenagers and young adults. Racial humor, and mainly sex jokes, but that's what makes me laugh, so consider that.

Iain S (de) wrote: Decent enough comedy but a poor love story at the core

Abdulmalik A (es) wrote: Imagine two movies plucked from opposite sides

Eduardo L (ca) wrote: 10-28-20162nd review: "The epic of all epics. Some of the best cinematography ever in terms of scope and grandeur." (March 2012)