A fact-based account of ordinary citizens who found themselves arrested and imprisoned without charge for weeks during the October Crisis in 1970 Quebec.

A fact-based account of ordinary citizens who found themselves arrested and imprisoned without charge for weeks during the October Crisis in 1970 Quebec. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marah R (de) wrote: Stunning cinematography and profound directing. The performances are a bit subtle but deliver the required emotions they need to convey.

Robin T (de) wrote: Eye-opening documentary about the coal industry's practice of mountaintop removal that pollutes the environment and eliminates many jobs. This threatens the entire Appalachian Mountain range! The "clean" energy electric ads have a new meaning for me now. I am angry about how these large corporations can get away with ignoring environmental laws and have total disregard for innocent landowners who are impacted.

Jodie C (nl) wrote: Just when I started to care about the characters the film is over! There's a little too much thought provoking piano scenes for my liking but it was an easy watch.

Kevin S (it) wrote: Awesome for any fan, let alone a Rush fan.

xGary X (ru) wrote: An illegal Chinese immigrant organises his community and creates a gang who can stand up to the criminals who prey on them on the streets of Tokyo. Jackie Chan attempts a more serious role in this gritty crime drama in which his trademark slapstick comedy, acrobatics and crazy stunts are glaringly absent. Instead he plays an ordinary man turning to crime as his only escape from the poverty and prejudice that threatens to consume he and his friends. It has a much darker tone than his usual projects and is certainly the bloodiest Jackie Chan film I have ever seen, but at the same time he cannot help but overcook the more melodramatic aspects of the story and his need to play the hero means the script speedily glosses over his criminal activities which means his character does not quite ring true. It does have some decent action sequences however and Derek Yee has a nice eye for the underbelly of modern Asian society. An interesting departure for its normally more family-friendly star.

Jenna G (au) wrote: LOVE this movie! Have watched it a few times and could watch it several times more!

Tiberio S (es) wrote: Absolutely transcendent, the greatest sports film I have ever seen.One of the greatest casts I've ever seen - Al Pacino Is the coach, he is everything an actor can embody in this role. Dennis Quaid is the aging quarterback as he is the aging pitcher in The Rookie. Lauren Holly is the players wife. LT, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, Bill Bellamy - who wouldn't believe this is a real team? Charlton Heston, Ann Margaret, Jim Brown, James Woods, Matthew Modine - everyone brings charisma and authenticity. I forgot LT was a real life player, he felt like a genuine actor. And Oliver Stone goes beyond his usual cameo to playing the recurring drunken announcer.This serves as a precognition to future issues about concussions, drugs, and physical health in the sport, something not as commonly spoken of then, now is everyday conversation. As such, it is far more bold and daring than Concussion.Every single scene is layered with more than what's on the surface. A distraught coach facing age sees images of WWII. A conversation with the quarterback intercuts echoing voices and Ben-Hur, who turns out the be the commissioner of the the league.The film assembly is incredible, and it took four editors, probably working day and night, to do it. I love the frequent use of the slow-mo spiraling football, had such texture to it that makes you fetishize the game of football. At the end of the picture, the slow countdown of the clock, seeing the inside of the light board. Stone can feel every detail of this game in his bones, it's an incredible trip.

p b (ag) wrote: I got tired of the duo, it was funny the first time, then it got old.

Indu R (ag) wrote: This movie is like Top Gun except involving race cars. The acting and the plot were good. Entertaining with racing action.

Celeste H (nl) wrote: It was cool...and weird...