Joe Young is a devout Mormon living in L.A. trying to raise enough money to go back to Utah and marry his girlfriend, Lisa. Joe is spreading the word about the church of Latter Day Saints one day when he's confronted by two burly bodyguards. A scuffle breaks out, and Joe's martial arts skills impress Maxxx Orbison, who directs pornographic movies.

The movie revolves around Mormon missionary Joe Young and his unusual entry into the pornographic movie industry: playing Orgazmo, a sex superhero who fights crime with his Orgazmorator, and ChodaBoy, his sidekick. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben T (au) wrote: Number one or two on my list of least favorite animated films. This one is really boring, forgettable, and lacks a certain flo. This movie litterally gave me a headache while I was watching it

James L (jp) wrote: There is something so simple and so very pure about this film; it's hard not to admire the way it was all written, produced and directed. No, it's no Stand By Me, as many have previously stated...but it captures the innocence of being young from another perspective and brings the audience back to a simpler time or chapter of life. I wish more films were similarly made ; with strong emphasis on pure storytelling and character ! 3.5 stars

Samuel P (ru) wrote: Netflix=cheesy horror movies!

Mike B (ag) wrote: A beautiful, sad and moving picture. Paddy Constantine is marvelous.

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Tony B (ru) wrote: On one hand, this two-part masterpiece, which should have been composed of three parts, was a complete departure from director Sergei Eisenstein?s early revolutionary dramas ?Strike? and ?Battleship Potempkin.? As in 1938?s ?Alexander Nevsky,? the hero of the story has switched from embodying an entire mass of people to simply a single man, in this case, a man who has such an overwhelming determination to reunite the Motherland that he is willing to do literally anything. It is perhaps Ivan?s single-minded thinking that remains his curse ? he is perpetually lonely in his time of rule ? while he attempts to fill in the immensely vast holes in Russia?s borders with his solitary might. It is interesting to see his character, played memorably by the great Nikolai Cherkasov, slowly develop from a defiant ruler full of potential to a hellish tyrant who has lost all earthly embassies of love and is crazed by paranoia. Clearly, Stalin knew where Eisenstein was getting with this rather operatically conceived biography, and swiftly prevented the completion of Part III. The large scale sets and battle scenes in the first part show how the young Tsar was not shy about presenting the military might of Russia before the entire world, while the more introspective second part revealed a hidden dark side to the strikingly egocentric ruler. Vertically integrated camera angles, ?boogie-man? ? like shadows rampaging up the walls and ultimately the use of color film in select scenes provide the director with an ingeniously conceived character study that show not only the true colors of the main subject, by the filmmaker himself. Eisenstein most likely was counting on the Communist ruler to halt the production of his trilogy of glory, paranoia and hollow triumph at some point. If anything, I would think he was either waiting for the tyrant to kick the bucket so that he could resume production, or if he himself passed, that someone else would find he means to complete the films. Sadly, only a brief few minutes of Ivan the Terribly, Part III exist today.

Eshan W (ag) wrote: Beautiful shot, and fantastically acted by Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall. Open Range is unabashedly old-fashioned Wild West drama at its best.

Ryan C (au) wrote: Funny, Full Of Heart And Charm, St. Vincent Brings Out The Best Of Bill Murray's Comedic And Dramatic Sides With A Delightful Supporting Cast To Back It Up.