Orgies of Edo

Orgies of Edo

A collection of stories dealing with punishment towards women.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Orgies of Edo torrent reviews

Madi M (mx) wrote: it was interesting

William C (ru) wrote: Grade: 9/10In The Loop is a political comedy that involves a plot about a committee, seems very dull but trust me, it is not. This movie is timed to perfection when it comes to the comedy and the jokes literally come thick and fast and flow so well throughout that this becomes one of the best political comedies ever made. I felt it was wonderful, not flawless but nevertheless outstanding and here below is just why so.Now the whole story can get just a little dull in places but still manages to be partially interesting(maybe for politics lovers a bit more so). It also feels a slight bit confusing but the real beauty of this movie isn't in the plot, it's in the jokes that are crafted immensely well. See the jokes kind of outweigh the plot and it gets to a point where you no longer really care what is happening and just wait for the next great joke to appear(I will add though, the plot is important to understand what's going on obviously). The cast are a kind of bag of big names and names you will have never heard of but this is still very well cast and the characters work oh so well. The biggest kind of addition if you will is James Gandolfini as General Miller and he is pretty good to say he has never been in anything like this before, truly funny. The true stand out performance has to go to Peter Capaldi though as Malcolm Tucker who is just incredible and hilariously funny, the kind of character you wound't want to meet but at the same time can be awe-inspiring.Armando Iannucci creates this kind of political comedy within a sitcom, that's then a film actually, but it works so well. It could also be said this is oddly thrilling to see what will happen next, well OK maybe not so much but still there is no denying this is pretty fun to watch and see what happens. The camera work is also great, it makes the film seem even more like an extended version of "The Thick of It" on what this is basically the movie version of, good job from cinematographer Jamie Cairney. The jokes are so well spread as well, the big kind of jokes, like a howling laugh kind of joke are mostly reserved for important scenes actually, but the little jokes, the one's that make you laugh a little, they are in so much quantity, this becomes like a joke a minute and will make you laugh. The level of laughing for this movie may only reach some but in my opinion if anyone watched this and didn't at least smile, I don't know what comedy is. It has to be said that the plot is fairly intriguing too, I mean for me it is not a thing I will remember forever but in itself, it is very well done and very well made by Iannucci and co. For them to think up such a plot but then for a comedy, well it takes a lot of skill, this is the kind of story I expect to see on a political drama movie, not a comedy so all credit for turning a serious kind of thing into comedy gold. Overall just a brilliant movie and for me one of the top political comedies out there. Now this maybe isn't everybody's cup of tea and I can understand that, this is more the kind of humour where you really have to listen to get the best jokes, and on the people from the TV show who come to the film, all credit for transitioning from the normal show to the film with such calm skill.

Anna P (au) wrote: Film felt rather condensed and rushed at parts, but that is understandable as they tried to tell a lot.A film about a man who I feel, left his mark and did a significant first step (perhaps he did not approach it not 100% right, but here it did not go into too much detail), and maybe he went a bit too far in his attempt to discover all that he wanted, but it sure was a great first step. Sure, with controversy and criticisms but then, many great things start like that too. Significant film, as it tells a story about a significant person. Rather good acting at parts, but as a story and editing I thought I will overlook it.

Diana S (gb) wrote: Love this had a political & philosophical STATEMENT & was fun.I was in it in Community theater...Lee Green Pope remember I was pregnant with John when we almost did John Murphy, Karen Murphy Donna Murphy, "if you could see me" then:

Carlton R (au) wrote: Lovely story about the romance between an older woman and a younger man, this is Rock Hudson at his best, Jane Wyman is also fantastic and has such screen presence

Kevin B (ru) wrote: I knew that I had seen this, but it wasn't the vigilante/revenge film I remember seeing on HBO back in the day. I saw this in the theater when it came out and really liked it. I realized then that it was exploitation and not some mainstream Dirty Harry/Death Wish-type of movie because it was much more gritty, even brutal--especially when they kill a kid with a double-barrel shotgun, and when the bad guy falls to his death blood and brains are splattered everywhere! Nice! This really held up for me all these years later. Recommended. Now, what was that vigilante/revenge film I saw on HBO all those years ago?