In the aftermath of the collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations at Camp David in 2000, Avi Nesher filmed a series of conversations with Israeli and Palestinian politicians concerning the dark core of the conflict. Simultaneously Nesher documented with his cinematographer David Gurfinkel the Russian-Israeli belly dancer Elina Pechersky during her preparations for an ambitious performance together with five Palestinian-Israeli musicians. Nesher weaves the two strands into one cinematic narrative, juxtaposing history and mythology, reality and imagination, questioning the unbearable communication failure between the "major" and the "minor" conflicts between Palestinian and Israeli cultures.

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Evan M (mx) wrote: aside from the voice acting (could use more work) this movie was a thrill ride for fma fans.

Richard A (kr) wrote: Beautiful story, but the way it's directed and edited grates. Also not helped by poor English closed captions for the deaf on Netflix, rather than just for translation purposes.

Anna I (es) wrote: I read this book a few years ago so I knew what to expect from the movie. The book was dirty and raunchy, but had some funny stories. Tucker Max (the author and main character) is so nasty and wrong that he is almost like able. The movie was a combination of a couple stories from the book. Overall, it was really bad, gross and stupid. The ending wasn't true to the book and nothing about the movie was funny.

Julie M (ca) wrote: Raw, unforgiving, and historically illuminating look at the tragedies of caste/religious based violence and discrimination in India.

Zachary M (ru) wrote: And so we have arrived. At this point the gimmick for the Scream franchise had really run out. The plot points move from one pointless and confusing plot point to another. If the last one was about a sequel being better, than this one proves trilogies are often disappointing and unfulfilling.

Gordon W (br) wrote: This film was so much better than Chasing Amy. Can't see how Chasing Amy gets such a good score and Mallrats doesn't.

Friendster A (ca) wrote: the movie you must see!! kickboxer 3..

Trish W (nl) wrote: This movie is hilariously bad. The sequels, however, try too hard and are bad in just the bad way.

Danielle K (fr) wrote: Not as good as the 70s tv movie DAWN: PORTARIAT OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY...but thats not on DVD yet and THIS is so it will have to do! Linda Purl stars as a teen runaway who soon finds comfort in a pimp named (I kid you not) "Comfort". I love these cheesy 70s TV movies. This makes a great double bill with another 70s Linda Purl TV movie called BLACK MARKET BABY, in which college aged Linda gets knocked up by Desi Arnaz Jr. Priceless!

Andres G (de) wrote: The directing is remarkable but, the most interesting side of this film is the character created by Eastwood, a policeman who decides to take the law by his hand disregarding any kind of right or procedure.Quite like his characters in the far west ... but in nowadays U.S.The story itself is, plainly, bad and grotesque.