Oriente es Occidente

Oriente es Occidente


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Jamie F (ca) wrote: Fascinating story and a fascinating man. He had such a cool voice too, I could listen to him speak for hours.

Stephanie A (kr) wrote: I just wish I knew why they acted as they did.

Orlok W (us) wrote: A quite entertaining, but very loose H.P. Lovecraft adaptation--Not vintage Lovecraft, but a good show!!

Pete S (de) wrote: it's a good movie about rogue CIA and FBI agents battling. and the poor local cop caught in the middle.

Private U (ru) wrote: A gorgeous exploration of humanity through sport. The constraints of the wide screen format makes for some very unconventional and impressionistic shots, the motion of bodies, color and form, diversity of faces and emotions. It would have been so easy for the director to view this event, like so many people and governments, as a commodity, a chance to prove Japan's distinction, but instead the film makes a choice towards universality. Like baking a damn good cake instead of putting tons of icing on a shitty one.

Mike E (jp) wrote: ah its cute. peck is so kool. nothing special.

Becky T (us) wrote: It was cute and heartwarming (basically what you would expect).

Nikki Alice L (it) wrote: The Return of Jafar is a fun kids movie.