Ornette: Made in America

Ornette: Made in America

Documentary about jazz player Ornette Coleman

Documentary about jazz player Ornette Coleman . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan B (mx) wrote: A rather clunky sentimentality fest that tries a bit too hard to tug on the heart strings and really could have done with a bit more character development. I'm sure that War Horse proved popular with a particular demographic of children but I'm not sure it would have been my cup of tea even 40 years ago. The plot is engaging enough and offers plenty of scope but the horror of World War I is somewhat sanitised even for a movie aimed at children. I'm not much of a horse lover and find it difficult to empathise with something that eats grass but found the human characters equally bland and felt that the strong cast of actors was pretty uniformly wasted. Instead of being drawn into the action, I found myself constantly looking at the screen and thinking just how wrong things felt. In particular, there are several scenes where the supposed Devonshire skies look more like Oklahoma during twister season. For me, War Horse didn't really gel in the way I had hoped it would. Maybe I'm just too old for this sort of thing?

Nicholas L (kr) wrote: The film is absurd, buts its production design and cinematography is engrossing and curious. With the right friends, it can be a hilarious movie to watch.

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Justin A (de) wrote: An eccentric, all-over-the-place movie that has a deserving cult status, but doesn't quite rise up to Rocky Horror level. The story is kind of a mess, as it became a bit difficult to understand why things were happening, motivations, etc. However, the musical bits, campy acting, and energetic direction keep this movie from ever becoming dull. Well worth a watch.

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Nikki W (gb) wrote: I didn't know this story before I watched this film and, to be honest, films at sea are not my go-to genre, but I generally enjoy Casey Affleck in films, and think that Chris Pine is just getting better and better so decide to delve in. It helps that there is a little-known English actress, Holliday Grainger, in this who used to be in a little TV show in the UK and I always like to see my fellow country-women do well.The story, all true, is essentially broken into two simultaneous parts, the rescuers and the rescued, both with their own perils and squabbles to overcome. The two marry well together, although I personally would have liked more on the stricken tanker. Affleck, the leader of the rescued, plays an almost silent and definitely brooding type, but the frustration he must feel is palpable regardless of the calm exterior. Pine, Affleck's counterpart in the rescuers, wears his shy heart on his sleeve, he's vulnerable but strong, nervous but determined, all of these qualities seep out of the screen surrounded by gallons and gallons of water.As the fierce and flirty leading lady, Holliday Grainger portrays a fiance waiting for her man to return home safe, but she is never weak or a damsel in distress. She is certain and strong. A lovely change to the archetypal girl keeping the home fires burning.The thing that could have really let this film down was the accents. There are many examples over the years of terrible Bostonian accents on film and it's something that, if done wrong, can pull you out of a film. You struggle to suspend your belief because it's distracting. Pine and Grainger do well. Affleck and Foster as native Bostonians really had no excuse to get it right either.Ultimately, I recommend this film. It's not one you'll watch over and over, but you'll enjoy it, more so, I feel, when you realise it's a true story. It's well scripted, well shot, the costumes are dead on, the CGI is there, of course, but it doesn't over power, and the acting is strong from the whole cast. Pine and Affleck in particular.