This is the story of a samurai who falls on hard times due to misunderstandings and and follows the plots of his enemies.

This is the story of a samurai who falls on hard times due to misunderstandings and and follows the plots of his enemies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikah T (ru) wrote: This movie is great.

Rob S (es) wrote: Long story short, too many people are willing to stand for what they believe in and won't capitulate. Also, people are too stupid to tell the difference between the august, regal media and commentary. This documentary insults intelligence rather than informs.

Darren W (jp) wrote: So what was Belly 2 about? Well it was simple:Guy gets out of prison. Looks for job for 15 minutes, fails (blaming society), commits crime.The crime? Robbing an ice cream van which also happens to be a mobile drug shop and - uh-oh! it belongs to some boss guy.Boss guy tries to exact revenge in a driveby and fails. Our hero goes and kills the boss in retaliation but not before he is told that "things have changed".Enter: Mexicans! They are quite naughty and they try to kill our hero because the boss guy our hero killed earlier wasn't the big boss.So another shootout, our hero wins the day despite being shot in the chest and knee.And there's a subplot about some policewoman who goes undercover, has sex with our hero then gets kidnapped and shot.The film ends.Now lets repeat that in the style of the film:nigger fuck shit aiit cue music explaining the emotion in the scene nigger shit fuck cue music explaining the emotion in the scene dope ice nigger cue music explaining the emotion in the scene shit bro my nigger fuck ice cue music explaining the emotion in the scene bitches drugs cue music explaining the emotion in the scene nigger shit fuck

NeCrO (fr) wrote: Disappointed times 5

Mary C (gb) wrote: This movie makes me laugh and laugh! A great zombie antidote!

Giano P (de) wrote: If you're gonna ask me which Pinoy flicks are the most astig, it would be Jologs, Jologs, Jologs and that, um, that film where Vhong Navarro tries to kill himself by BUMPING a bus? Oh yeah... that's Jologs, too! Jologs tells the story of a graduating student (Prats) who steals money and gets karate chops from a babysitting cousin (Clarete) who refused the proposal of her now ex-bf (a stunning and hilarious and brilliant Navarro) who can't celebrate his best friend's (Garcia) birthday whose girl is quiet and won't have sex with him (a terrific turn also from Sta. Maria) because she has great faith in God and she goes to this Bible study with a you-thought-he's-hot guy (Ochoa) who tags along an attracted motor-mouthed street smart classmate (the scene-stealing exciting sexy and never better de Rossi) who likes to order coffee in a caf owned by a violent homophobic (Bondoc) who almost killed a drag queen who stole his car (a very gay and very good Geisler) and beats up his soft-hearted security guard (Ochoa) who's emotional because his girlfriend (Bayle) left him for Japan. Then there's Judy Ann and Piolo fighting for a couple of coins, Camille and Heart looking for a jeep, Bentong winning Game ka na ba?, a hot actor (dunno his name) playing conductor, another hottie getting a baby in the airport and another one riding a taxi. Yup, that's the star-studded film called Jologs. Numerous subjects fill this movie. There's the homophobia, the other family of your dad, the religious groups (described here as "Alayb, alayb") who think you can be better by joining them, poverty, talks of sex (counselor versus best friend), broken hearts, broken dreams... but it's really just a flick about life and how small our world really is. Movie buffs compare this film to PTA's Magnolia or Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, but this one is lighter and very Pinoy. Gilbert Perez's direction is very notable and very flawless... as well as the editing and the cinematography. The characters, of course, reflect each Filipino human being. We are all connected... nobody can move without the other, nobody's an island. We learn many things from Trespeces's frank, witty and very very funny script. It's hard to single out the best performance among the very human bunch but I'd say Vhong, Assunta, Sta. Maria and Geisler are the film's best performances. Vhong Navarro gives his greatest performance here as the suicidal, heartbroken and hopeless lover who'd stop at nothing to win a "yes" from his darling's lips. He would have been a box office king in later films... but here, he raised humor, intelligence and wit to the highest point. I'd say I was amazed at Jodi Sta. Maria's portrayal of a young angelic religious college girl who's unsure if she's gonna have sex with her boy friend or just leave him swooning. She plays either rebellious or nice girl teenagers in the past but her college girl here really caught me. It's even funny (that bathroom scene and the one with the counselor). Geisler is a terrific actor... and gay men are his frequent roles (watch Jay last year and the MMK episode where he gets anally-raped). Here, he's a drag queen who gets kidnapped by a sadistic homophobic gang that tried to kill him. Geisler acted it very well that I thought he's really gay. Assunta won critical attention with the sexy drama Hubog (where she starred in with her li'l sis Alessandra) but she won hearts with Jologs. Here. she plays a motor- mouthed street smart who's attracted to a decent young man. She was brought to a worship group so that she, according to him, will be changed for the better. de Rossi tweaked religious groups with her very long and loud speech (she's right, if you hate her, hate her... you can't change her!). Her segment is the funniest. She uses the dorky hairdo of an extra as her ashtray, she drinks coffee with John Prats' spit, she prays Angel of God as a prayer before meals (the funniest!) and, damn, those witty lines! She's really using "pakshet" as her official bad word. Plus that song... the very meaningful Next in Line fits its movie. It became a hit after this. I really wanted it for our graduation song... we ended up singing Journey You can hardly tell why the title is Jologs... but maybe it just tells us to look and see it... and then conclude that life really is "jologs". It also shows how God views his colorful creatures. How He created us for each other. I recommend this to everyone. I JUST LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!

Xavier C (br) wrote: Interesting drama not enough excitement. Overall well made.

Walter M (ca) wrote: In "Morituri," Captain Mueller(Yul Brynner) is incensed at having been demoted to being skipper of a boat taking 7000 tons of rubber to German occupied France, not to mention the political prisoners that will also be working in the engine room. To keep him placated, his superiors threaten him with wrecking his son's career if he does not cooperate. He would be even less happier if he knew that his new political officer is actually Robert Crain(Marlon Brando), a German engineer who deserted on the eve of war to India where he is being gleefully blackmailed by Colonel Statter(Trevor Howard). He not only wants the rubber to not reach its intended destination, but also wants the Allies to have it, ordering Crain to scuttle the scuttling devices, of which he has no idea where on board they might be. There is a great movie in "Morituri" just waiting to get out but it just does not entirely pull it off and put all of the pieces together. However, it is fun watching Brando and Brynner play a high stakes game of cat and mouse between two characters who are in the same boat, so to speak. So, on the one hand, there is a lot of old fashioned intrigue, but in the last half hour, reality creeps steadily in, almost from another movie entirely. I know this is meant to give the pacifist Crain a sense of purpose, but he seems to be doing pretty well up until then. The movie made in 1965, might have included this more as information intended towards the audience which might have been more ignorant of the Holocaust than we are now.

Guilherme N (fr) wrote: Hard to say something bad about Big Miracle. What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for screenwriting and editing, depicting perfectly the evolution of an environmental fait divers with symbolic, social and geopolitical consequences.

steven d (br) wrote: Watch this with my wife a lot of the movie was slow and boring they should just stick with what all the women watched the movie for... Thrusting and dancing!