Brothers Treat (Matthew Modine) and Philip (Kevin Anderson) have lived alone since they were kids, when a small time criminal enters their lives.

The two brothers Treat and Philip live alone since they were kids. Interdependent they dwell in a left house and live of little thefts, until an aging minor criminal moves in with them and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ric I (fr) wrote: Following the abomination that was the cutting up of "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" six years earlier, it seems that everyone involved (at least enough to be influential) chose to forget that there is a time and place for everything-and maybe "Pete's Dragon" would have only benefited from some trimming here and there. The Gogans did not need to appear so filthy and vulgar to be convincing antagonists, Red Buttons should have been recast as he comes off as an amateur actor alongside newcomer Jim Dale, the entire scene at the bar probably wouldn't have been missed... But still, the film features an adorable title character, well-animated and charming all around. Helen Reddy doesn't deliver the most convincing performance but her singing (and the songs that make use of her talented voice) are top-notch. Fantasy and realism blend together well-as unlikely as they seem for each other here-and the whole seaside/lighthouse adds to the film's unique appeal.

Kartik J (fr) wrote: Dark, disturbing, but utterly brilliant flick. Yet another awesome Anurag Kashyap movie. Don't watch this flick if you want some light entertainment that is the typical 'escapey' Bollywood fare. Watch this film to appreciate how wonderfully evolved Bollywood cinema is becoming. Quentin Tarantino-ish awesome... Rajeev Khandelwal is brilliant.

Jacob D (us) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever made period, that's my review watch it NOW!!!!!!

Private U (mx) wrote: Hilarious, very unlike your usual ABCD movies. Cute ending too. Worth a watch.

Graeme R (it) wrote: Fairly good film, I think I liked it more than my girlfriend did.

Teresa S (de) wrote: (1970 Director: Robert Aldrich)

Private U (kr) wrote: Great Movie, best with subtitles, not dubbed.

Grant K (de) wrote: After a promising start, this film collapses under the own weight of its formula a insistence on using genre tropes.

Larry W (kr) wrote: If films like commando are definative of 80s action films.. this one is definitive of 90s action films.

Giorgio P (jp) wrote: A well made film with a really compelling premise

Sean D (it) wrote: What a brilliant film. Simply beautiful. Simply amazing. It didn't really have a plot, rather it was more like a fictional biopic about a music teacher who struggled to become a composer but never had the time or money to pursue the career, eventually his teaching career would get derailed about 30 years after it started due to budget cuts, that were starting to become an issue in the '80s.The film is so well done, and it centers around his one and only child who was deaf and his struggles with his father for understanding music. A few battles with the school system ensue, the film is a beautiful 2 and a half hours that never feels dragged on and and intelligently goes through each decade of Mr. Holland's career starting in the '60s and ending at the age of 60 being forced into retirement during the year of the film, 1995.