The star of Ken Loach's MY NAME IS JOE, Mullan proves that his talent isn't relegated to acting. As a writer/director, he has crafted a supremely entertaining motion picture. ORPHANS tells the grittily realistic, hysterical, and deeply moving tale of a group of siblings who reunite in Glasgow on the eve of their mother's funeral. The four children mourn their mother's passing in a variety of ways, some of which are heartfelt and some of which are bizarre. As a potential thunderstorm threatens to damage the city, the situation compounds itself even further.

Four siblings gathered together for their mother's funeral in Glasgow face individual torments over night during a tumultuous storm that rips the roof off the church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (it) wrote: A clich-riddled sports drama derivative of other better sports movies. Very forgettable.

Panayiotis P (au) wrote: An amazing drama with excellent performances by the lead actors, especially Damien Bichir. Simple movie but with a deep meaning, it plays with your emotions and has you thinking about the way you need to re prioritize in life. Highly recommended to all those looking for a quality movie.

Atheer O (ag) wrote: horrifying shocking conclusion and overall a powerful movie but the movie dragged a little bit.

Matt B (ag) wrote: A moving tale of American heterosexism in the mid 20th century.

Tim O (au) wrote: I hadn't even heard of this movie until I saw it on the library shelf: "Hey, a Chinese movie! And directed by Zhang Yimou!" So I was sold. Funny and sweet until the end when it becomes about as Chinese as they come. My gosh...

Alex T (jp) wrote: I found this surprisingly enjoyable. A darkly brilliant satire on a subject that clearly has its attached members. There are elements a of Little Miss Sunshine tale with a Christopher Guest-worthy mockumentary team adding hilarious touches to the beauty pageant crowd.

Mereie d (br) wrote: ??The Mackintosh Man?? is a spy movie from 1973, created in a style that stirs memories of similar movies from the mid- to late sixties. It seems as if John Huston is suffering from the same habit as Hitchcock: his later movies look more old-fashioned than they actually are. Another Huston trait that struck me in ??The Mackintosh Man?? is the fact that it took me two views to get my head round it and to convince myself I had really understood everything. The same thing happened to me when I watched ??The Kremlin Letter??, another film by John Huston. In the latter case, I was lucky to find a highly detailed plot synopsis on Wikipedia, which convinced me that I had apparently understood everything I should have understood. The reason I initially doubted myself (both in the case of ??The Mackintosh Man?? and ??The Kremlin Letter??) is that some elements in the story are probably supposed to be a bit enigmatic or obscure. In ??The Mackintosh Man??, we are lead to believe Rearden (Paul Newman) is hired to uncover a ring of spies, but all we see the alleged spies do is illegal stuff that doesn??t appear to have anything to do with spying. Where are the Russians and the microfilms containing secret info to be smuggled to the other side? Where are the (fake) defectors? All the bad guys seem to do is make a lot of money from other bad guys who happen to be wealthy. Perhaps Huston found it interesting enough to present a film about subversive elements masquerading as defenders of national law and order, embedded in a spy plot full of action, foreign locations and rather unlikely twists. To be sure, the movie makes an amusing adventure story with a possibly spy touch, but that is about it. Many of the story components seem rather unreal: the peculiar diamond theft and subsequent arrest and conviction, the prison regime (very smartly dressed and well-behaved inmates) with its peculiar escape routine (couldn??t the management prevent the prison breaks if they occur on such a regular basis ?? and if they let them happen on purpose, what would they gain from it?), the peculiar people arranging the breakouts and their peculiar domicile, etc., etc. All these things make for some nice action scenes (Rearden??s escape through the Irish fields chased by the dog is only one example), but where is the logic? Up till the end I couldn??t make out exactly where Slade (Ian Bannen) fitted in ?? is he another spy, and if so, why is the prison break necessary for him too? What are they trying to gain by it? Who is in on what anyway, and for what reason? Huston seemed to find it unnecessary to overburden his viewers with such info, preferring to leave them in the dark instead. ??The Mackintosh Man?? is nice enough to watch and amusingly bizarre at times, but that doesn??t prevent it from being little more than a feeble attempt to mask a crime/adventure story as a spy movie.

Filipe C (fr) wrote: Ashby is one of my cinematic heroes. He took chances like no other, never for the spectacularity or controversy, but for the exploration of the human condition. There is always a fundamental kindness that appeals to love and kindness. And in H&M, using Cat Stevens' spiritual writings to underline this particularly story is one of the most genius choices in filmmaking history.

Catherine N (de) wrote: Amazing film set at the end of WWII Poland. The battle is raging for Poland's future yet the average citizen is just war weary. Beautiful film seemingly inspired by Italian neo-realism with the visual poetry of the Nouvelle Vague. Glad I finally got to see it. I was afraid it would be like "Last Year at Marianbad."

Jim F (ag) wrote: This film fell far short of the book.Everything came across as a bit forced. Terry Gilliam was the wrong director for this movie.

Alex C (us) wrote: The worst movie experience I've had

Keandre S (ru) wrote: A good movie, not great but good. A Ryan Reynolds movie that has good plot and Character development.

Denislav R (au) wrote: I don't know if people really didn't like the movie or just feel they need to hate it, but this IS one of the better Adam Sandler movie out there. It's a funny entertaining story. It is a good movie in my opinion. I love how it never slows down. I love the siliness. There are problems with this movie, sure, but they by no means outweight the positives about it.