Orpheus' Lyre

Orpheus' Lyre

Although the situation is universal, Japanese mourning rituals are given solid coverage. The 49th day after death is considered crucial, as the date at which the soul passes from this world to the next and, therefore, the date from when the living are expected to get on with life. But Yoko doesn't move on. The ache of the loss that simply won't heal takes an awful toll on her husband and friends, who try doggedly and unsuccessfully to help her move on, and to guide her away from the misguided and damaging belief that daughter Kanako's spirit has entered another living child (by sharptongue, IMDB.com)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:beach,   picnic,   kidnapping,  

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Orpheus' Lyre torrent reviews

Emily M (kr) wrote: I HATED this movie. Worst movie I ever spent time watching.

Heidi M (us) wrote: I like how this story works out...

Ryan H (jp) wrote: Now this movie is very very similar to The Core, but it actually came out before The Core which was a huge surprise to me. Now if you want a very good visual of how bad this movie is take the horrible quality of The Core and times it by about 100 then you may have a small glimpse into this films stupidity. This movie has absolutely nothing good in it at all. Bad effects, insanely horrid acting, and a storyline that will have you laughing your ass off trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the director. I bet somewere on the floor of the editing room are the scenes that actually make this movie make sense. One second the guys are just explosive experts the next they are instantely nuclear scientists and have the knowledge of every science project since the beginning of time. The movie is just idioticy and the director who said I can make this work should be retired because this movie is a disrace to filmakers and actors alike. I recommend not only never renting this movie but never ever even think about seeing it because it may just scare you for life.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: Really liked this movie. Had good star power, an intriguing story, good setting, and genuine thrills and surprises. Great twists make this a recommendation.

Steve T (jp) wrote: Not counting "Spinal Tap" which Rob Reiner directed, this is the first of the very hilarious series of Christopher Guest "mockumentaries." This one focused on the low stakes/high drama of local community theater. Surprising Cameo from Mr. Bently of Jefferson's fame. Fred Willard kills in this one.

Darcy D (br) wrote: I would love to see this because I've never seen it only in theathers.

Matt B (jp) wrote: Just an awesome movie, cheesy effects and all.

Ken C (kr) wrote: Caught this British gem on Amazon Prime. It had all the elements I like in a film: good story, interesting characters, good cinematography, nice music, and a happy ending.

Zhanyi J (gb) wrote: A film that was ahead of it's time.

jen k (es) wrote: Good inspirational movie