Oru Pennum Randaanum

Oru Pennum Randaanum


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Mike S (gb) wrote: Don't go into this movie expecting a documentary. If you're looking for ammunition to use against your "Occupy" friends that doesn't rely on facts it's the perfect movie for you. If, however, you prefer a bit of research in your documentaries instead of an opinion piece done by a man walking around a political and socioeconomic protest movement and videotaping the reactions after yelling inflammatory comments as his "proof", maybe you should just move along.

Jacob P (gb) wrote: Not as good as Rammbock, but still a pretty good zombie flick!

Laura A (mx) wrote: I have not heard a lot about this one, but it sounds kind of interesting.

HP K (kr) wrote: KaverisiH-P Kuusela Raindeerspotting -pako joulumaasta on paras huumevalistus elokuva ikin ja pitisi list 3. luokkalaisten lukujrjestykseen heti. ***** Voi se olla 4:kin luokka mutta kunhan ennen 14 v. ik jolloin phenkil Jani aloitti Subun kytn. Kuvaa huumemaailmaa niinkuin vain siin mukana oleva kuvaaja voi ja tarinahan kirjoittaa itsen, mitn kaunistelua tai ihannointia ei lydy jos niit pelk. Jania lainatakseni: "Subutexin vrinkytt pitisi kielt." Ja kyseinen parikymppinenhn ei sitten leffassa kuvatun jlkeiselt elmns toiselta ulkomaanmatkalta enn hengiss kotiin palannutkaan, olisi hyv keskustelun avaus pikku enkeleitten kanssa leffan plle.

Jason J (br) wrote: A great oddball horror film that certainly has plenty going on even if it doesn't quite know how to juggle everything with total success. There are lesbians, a cult with it's weird hog worshipping leader, rednecks, drugs, nudity, a giant mutant hog monster and lots of backwoods brutality in a really odd mix of Deliverance, Razorback and Wrong Turn that has so many things going on but the script doesn't really know how to bring them all together and the climax basically features anyone left alive in the same place with a giant monster pig as it is finally revealed in the last 15 mins. There is some decent gore. Don't look for any great acting or good writing, just sit back and enjoy the carnage.

Peter F (ca) wrote: A chamber piece of a road movie, that performs a minor miracle: We witness two men do very little for a brief running time, let it feels like we've known these characters are whole lives.

Mike J (es) wrote: These aren't getting better.

Kevin L (mx) wrote: It is rather intense as a thriller, without using any special effects and is still rather engaging as a film

Jill R (mx) wrote: A well written well acted very funny movie Larry David is great Grade B+

Ioanna L (us) wrote: I didn't understand why this movie was even made. Sorry.

Martin S (us) wrote: Que de bons souvenirs! Faut absolument que je me retape ce petit b-movie largement inspir (C) de Terminator, sans les moyens techniques de ce dernier (C)videment... ;)