Os Machões

Os Machões

Three young men from the beach neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro lead a carefree life, in spite of having no money. After meeting Denise, who presently turns out to be Dênis (a man), they ...

Three young men from the beach neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro lead a carefree life, in spite of having no money. After meeting Denise, who presently turns out to be Dênis (a man), they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert E (fr) wrote: One of the most enjoyable documentaries I have ever seen. It is about the journey of an unemployed social worker who stops into a dive motel, befriends some wannabe musicians, becomes their manager and makes them to musical superstars. Who are they? Janis Joplin, Alice Cooper and Jimmy Hendrix. One hilarious story is how he had booked Wembley Stadium for Alice Cooper and had only sold 50 tickets the day before the concert. So he devises a publicity stunt that captures the international press and sells out the stadium in time for the concert. The guy is a genous.He also becomes the agent for many movie stars, produces many famous movies and creates the celebrity chef category of entertainment.

Karen B (us) wrote: It has Superman and Supergirl. Do I really need to say anything else?

Akash S (de) wrote: an amazing piece of work.. this is a classic example of comtemporary hindi cinema.. the concept and its execution is beautiful. although it does get a bit preachy and is full of great ideals and morals which are great to see and read, but much more difficult to actually impose on our lives.. nonetheless, Kamat does a great job to make them as realistic and touching as possible, each story line has its own unique style and one would typically expect that each would connect at the end but the only connection there really is the change that they see within themselves and of course the love for mumbai.. the film discusses the different reactions after such tragic events from various perspectives.. from the media to the police to the common man.. also a great example of media in India and from working in media myself, i can claim that it is being abused. at the same time, the way its portrayed isn't the full reality.. anyways thats another topic.. the performances were great and irfan khan's story was my personal fav and perhaps the most touching and to see what lack of education does.. a humble film based in a happy go lucky city.. hopefully, we can instill some ideals in our lives.. yeh hai bombai, meri jaan!

Rod S (es) wrote: Another solid Ozzie film, lot's of relatable humour and equally relatable drama. Great performances and script.

Laurelyn K (us) wrote: I wouldn't recommend buying any Brain Damage films since they are made by amateurs with low-budget.So, watch only if you are a hardcore fan of violence and gore with porn video quality.

James H (gb) wrote: Simply made and very well written and acted. The direction by Amnon Buchbinder is very sensitive and quite well handled. I liked the score a lot, it fit the film well. Touchingly made.

Bruno V (es) wrote: Didn't fall of my couch laughing but there were lots of funny moments ...never saw any Star-Wars movie completly but i got the jokes relayted to the saga . SOMBLUR

Sean C (kr) wrote: The old school war film stereotypes are on parade here. Nothing like a Norte Dame half back yelling touchdown? when he sinks a Jap ship. In case you did not realize, this movie sucks.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: It's not vintage Ealing, but it's a fine dram all the same.

Jonathan S (es) wrote: My god, it's good. And just imagine how much more thrilling this must have been in 1942 when the war was still going on!

Brian K (ru) wrote: A harrowing war drama that mixes coming-of-age tropes for a truly underrated gem.

Cody Y (jp) wrote: The ending is awesome, the rest is so-so.