Os Monstros de Babaloo

Os Monstros de Babaloo

Daily scenes of a grotesque family living in the metaphorical island of Babaloo.

Daily scenes of a grotesque family living in the metaphorical island of Babaloo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (es) wrote: Not in any way related to the original Knock Knock, which was itself a pretty crappy film, Knock Knock 2 borrows the name in the way that Zombi 2, 3, 4, etc. are Italian sequels to Romero's Dawn of the Dead--the connection exists in name only. Knock Knock 2 has a decent set-up: a group of friends driving around to investigate famous haunted spots in Hollywood (Sharon Tate, George Reeves, The Black Dahlia, etc.), but it fails to ever deliver on its premise. Unfortunately, it is one of those terrible found-footage films where there is simply not enough payoff for the interminable periods of waiting and watching people walk around.

Natalie O (de) wrote: Such a slow start without any payoff. I better option would be "Creep" which appears to have the same "monster" but with a reason behind its being.

Nicola W (kr) wrote: This was ok but not as good as other similar films I have seen. It mainly focused on the corn industry and even though it said it was bad for our health it didn't explain why. Forks over knives and Cowspiracy are much better documentaries but Food inc does cover some very interesting points which makes you question where you buy your food

Greg Z (mx) wrote: BUSH - you are really worse than Stalin and Hitler together.

Jeffery H (ag) wrote: A tiring but creative effort from the ever-brilliant Martin Short, with hilarious performances by Jan Hooks and John Michael Higgins most notably.

Alfredo S (nl) wrote: The movie that began the slaughter of 2D animation

Allison S (jp) wrote: This movie made me sad. From Zooey's haircut to the weird clown dancing and endless fields. The ending was strange and the journey to it was stranger. It made me glad I didn't have to live where they lived. Seemed awful.

Marianina S (de) wrote: This movie is boring...I like Jackie Chan very much but i didn't enjoy that movie

FallenAngel L (it) wrote: This was a great movie. It made me want to read "Hamlet" afterwards.

Ted W (kr) wrote: Ace is back by one year and is funnier and better than ever. Bad special effects but at least better than the first one. I thought it will suck but it's actually surprisingly better.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: Mostly this movie is brilliant, absolutely well-acted by William Hurt as a fanatical scientist trying to break into subconscious where he believes lies the answer to the purpose of the mankind. One can't not to notice some similarities between this film and the second version of The Fly (1986).

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