Os três Cangaceiros

Os três Cangaceiros

Living at the peaceful small town of Desterro, pharmacist Aristides and photographer Bronco get distressed when it becomes the target of the attack of dangerous criminals.

Living at the peaceful small town of Desterro, pharmacist Aristides and photographer Bronco get distressed when it becomes the target of the attack of dangerous criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William M (br) wrote: Garbage movie !! Shitty acting ! What a joke !

Jeremy L (it) wrote: It isn't often that I say that I got what I expected from a movie. This is one of those times. I expected to see unbelievable stunts and corny lines. What I didn't expect was the lack of swearing in the movie. I can only remember a handful of expletives. For someone like me, I appreciate watching movies like this. Knight & Day made me smile, and that gives it a 3.5 out if 5 for me.

Jason C (gb) wrote: A bit of a Yojimbo and Fist Fulla Dollars knock off but at least they admit to it and the whole movie is very wink wink. Completely stupid tho lol. Kill now think later and a pointless threesome but it has Mr Miyagi so it is decent enough.

Ryan D (br) wrote: Hillarious movie about a woman falling in love with a man and then finding out he's a psycho. Trying to escape from him and his crazy ex, while her family and friends are clueless to her plight.

Edgar E (br) wrote: I shot and produced STEPPING RAZOR REDX. does anybody need a cameraman? I,m available

Kevin B (ca) wrote: scaird me when i was a kid

Sherief Z (nl) wrote: The whole crew was in a picnic through the entire shooting, on and off screen.

Burton (ca) wrote: Wonderful spaghetti starring two of the greats of the genre (Van Cleef and Milian).Sort of reminds me of Leone in tone, and stylistically. I really haven't seen enough Sollima to put it in context with his other films, so I'll wait on that.It's a shame it isn't available on DVD in the US.

ANDERSON G (gb) wrote: Imagine that you are in your house, and you receive a letter in the mail saying "A very close friend erased you from his memory" from this argument that Charlie Kaufman creates a script that is much more than a simple script he is a study on beauty Of loving, reciprocating, hating and forgetting, entering the human psyche Charlie does not arrive at the limit of his idea, but he exposes and discusses it, in line with great technical concepts and great performances, we have a young cult who charms everyone, talk With most, and thrills some. Charlie Kaufman's screenplay tells the story of a world where there is a company called the gap, a company that erases people from their memories so that they do not suffer. In this world there are Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) A passionate couple who insist on forgetting each other, seems like a simple script, but he comes from a genius aligned with a complete simplicity that touches, from his argument Kaufman could elaborate a mega future, where several couples erase, the Consequences, etc, etc., etc. But not Kaufman simply tells the story of a couple in love. "Eternal Brightness of a Mind Without Remembrance" shows us the power of love, shows us the importance of pain, erase a person from memory and end suffering, is not evolutionary, we learn from pain, from suffering, even by erasing The memories come back to make the same mistake - As shown 2x in the film - we fall in love with the same people, because the feeling of love is beyond the comprehensible, this film is one of those that we should watch in different times of our lives that with certainty We will have completely different interpretations, it is a film that will survive the test of time, because its theme will always be and will always be a highlight because it is intrinsic to the human being, the eternal brightness of love will always shine in a mind, even if it does not know. We have many merits for Kaufman, but we can not forget Michel Gondry who can cinematically reproduce Kaufman's abstract script, with scenes that refer to Lynch, Michel uses and abuses the camera, with tight, focused plans, playing with light, blurring and Playing with the dimensionality of the screen, always maintaining a palette of blue colors, photography is the least cameleo of the film, with a beautiful and unique soundtrack, it sends all the joy of the discovery mixed with the anguish and sadness of forgetfulness, despite the Confused time line, and to constantly lose its rhythm, and even to take away the climax created in its secondary history, the film technically enchants with its resources and translations of the human psyche, mainly because it is simple and real. It seems that Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are changed, Jim making a focused and focused character and Kate making a laughable and funny character, fun, curious and cheerful, are 2 spectacular actors, Jin manages to pass an incredible dramatic charge, and Kate is gorgeous, In addition, we have a generally wonderful cast. We can conclude by saying that the film goes beyond a common cinematographic work, it appeals to the feeling, it not only appeals, it touches, it causes reflection, it is a film that we have to watch every 5 years, every stage of life, We will see how we will have different interpretations and reactions of the same, finally, we have a work that walks along the linear of the perfection.

Philip S (kr) wrote: Look, I can appreciate genre revival flicks, but this movie is HORRIBLE. I watched it out of curiosity, with some sense of what I was getting into with Tarantino attached. Many of the shots, moments, and looks are familiar, but under the guidance of RZA they are butchered. And casting himself as the hero? NOT a good move. Some of his fellow cast members are almost as bad. You have to wonder what Russell Crowe was thinking of this production during filming. It must have been clear that this was a horrendous film. I almost felt sorry for him. How this film sits at 49% on Rottentomatoes is beyond me This movie misses the genre mark by a mile and has little other justification for its very existence. I hate myself for having watched it. Pass pass pass.

Collin R (au) wrote: yet another sports movie strikes out for me. it is a very good story unfortunately the movie still follows every cliche in the book that every sports movie before it followed as well

emma h (it) wrote: the clips i seen on tv i defo want to see it