Os Três Mosqueteiros Trapalhões

Os Três Mosqueteiros Trapalhões

To help a millionaire's daughter marry the man she loves, the Trapalhões (a group of four Brazilian comedians) need to retrieve her family's emerald necklace.

To help a millionaire's daughter marry the man she loves, the Trapalhões (a group of four Brazilian comedians) need to retrieve her family's emerald necklace. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (it) wrote: Subtleness is the best thing about this movie. It does not go on to loud humour loud love story, which was possible with this kind of plot. The film fails to keep the tension going in the climax or pre climax. But still a nice movie to watch. Bit slow but enjoyable.

David H (br) wrote: Some touching moments keep this slightly awkward comedy afloat. A few more cross-cultural misunderstandings could have worked some magic. All in all it was fun to watch and a little refreshing to see ourselves in our own "been there" scenarios. (It was a hoot that they tossed in a hockey game with the French against the English for all of us who played street hockey in our early years.)

Hossein N (au) wrote: Mar 2011 - I suspected my interest in this catholic portrayal of St Therese may have declined after nearly 20 years but it is as fresh as ever. The images are as powerful as the magnificent silence. And so much for Mouchet's face and her amazing portrayal of Therese. The movie concentrates completely on the human relations and emotions and avoids any divine intervention or presence and this makes it more a humanistic drama than it is a religious one.

Esraa A (us) wrote: It became exciting at the far end..

Zoe M (jp) wrote: Wait, so if they made Homicide into a movie, maybe Law and Order could get a movie? Please?

Damon R (us) wrote: This movie is super. Angela Bassett really steals the show.

Darron P (ca) wrote: Possibly the worst film I've ever seen..

Victor M (jp) wrote: A tender film, about how a simple" man discovers poetry.

Anastasia B (jp) wrote: Rose Troche does a great job in directing this film. First of all, we see women though a woman's eye. It's unusual, and it focuses on completely different things, than what men usually pay attention to. Here we have an obsession with faces, eyes and hands- not boobs. Very refreshing from that point of view! Also the black & white photography maximizes the effort to capture all those sexually ambiguous women. The fact that I am only watching this film 15 years after it was made, is a shame. I wish I knew it was out there when I was first questioning myself and my identity. It would have been a tremendous step towards realizing that even freaks of nature (according to the western society's standards) deserve to be happy and can be loved. Love can be found in the weirdest of places. Ely maybe "U.G.L.Y." but she can make Max happy. Max has to give up on the idea of the ideal girlfriend, and explore more tangible options. I loved it, even though it's totally NOT "L word" and girls are not necessarily attractive and worn out in the gym.

Kristie Morrison D (es) wrote: I'm giving this movie zero stars. This was an absolutely horrendous movie. Just like Gilligan's Island as a western but more stupid and longer. Total waste of time! Don't waste your time or money.

Joe S (gb) wrote: Cagney and Raft are great in this movie. Two men struggling with how enviroment and outside influnces can make you understand how everything is not totally black and white. Both men work as each others teachers showing that both nature and nurture have a way of effecting personality.

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Along Came a Spider is a very average entry in the Alex Cross series. While Freeman provides a little wit and poise for the movie, it is hard to overlook the plot holes, non-sensical writing, and overall silliness of even the most basic plot points.

Dan E (kr) wrote: The only legitimately good volcanic disaster movie I could ever recommend anyone.

Carla P (ru) wrote: urprised I liked this so much. Before today never heard about DOTA and watching geeks playing computer games is not my ideal of fun but this doc is so engaging I found myself rooting for them.