Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Listening in to a conversation between his doctor and parents, 10-year-old Oscar learns what nobody has the courage to tell him. He only has a few weeks to live. Furious, he refuses to speak to anyone except straight-talking Rose, the lady in pink he meets on the hospital stairs. As Christmas approaches, Rose uses her fantastical experiences as a professional wrestler, her imagination, wit and charm to allow Oscar to live life and love to the full, in the company of his friends Pop Corn, Einstein, Bacon and childhood sweetheart Peggy Blue. Written by American Film Market

Listening in to a conversation between his doctor and parents, 10-year-old Oscar learns what nobody has the courage to tell him. He only has a few weeks to live. Furious, he refuses to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cesar Q (fr) wrote: Solid performances and an amazingly well thought out script make this coming of age story interesting and insightful.

Barry E (nl) wrote: a compelling documentary spelling out the unsustainability of eating animal products, whose production is shown to be the major cause of global environment climate change. Must see.

Ryan K (kr) wrote: Funny and with good acting and some drama. It's a great film about two brothers. One is a socially awkward shut in and the other is a screw up in a terrible relationship where he might be being cheated on. It brings the two brothers that don't care about each other come together and come closer. I thought this was a great film and I loved the duality between the two brothers and their bond growing. It's on Netflix and I say if you have Netflix check it out.

Dammy G (kr) wrote: I had a chance to be a background character for this film as it was being filmed near my town. Sadly I didn't take that chance. As for the film it's just meh.

Mike F (ca) wrote: Sci-Fi Original pictures classic, right up there with Loch Ness Terror, Sabretooth, and Alien Apocalypse.

Stuart G (kr) wrote: Two words to describe this film: Kick ass! If you haven't seen it, then do so already! And if you can, watch with a group of friends. This is a movie you will have fun watching!

TTT C (it) wrote: Here's another film rating.

WS W (gb) wrote: Potentially interesting but turned out to be rather flat & plain.

Jenna I (it) wrote: What a devastating movie! Also a real nugget of honesty in that 50s sea of posing and insincerity. Loved the commentary on being a woman and a widow in 50s suburbia mixed with the general human commentary on selfishness, love and honesty. It's so rare to see a movie so humanizing and genuinely empathetic with its female lead, let alone during this time.

Al S (it) wrote: A laugh-out-loud great time. An endlessly hilarious and action-packed movie that's more fun than the original film. Clint and Clyde are back and delivering the laughs and heart that you love. Their isn't no other way but the fun way with this movie. It gets better every time i watch it. A wacky, wild and dazzlingly funny movie.

Armando P (mx) wrote: There's room for improvement

Rob N (nl) wrote: Can _ANYBODY_ explain to me what the heck the movie "Coraline" is supposed to be about? I can't make sense of the hero's journey in the movie. For example, there are 'rule elements' of horror films (like "The creepy kid who keeps dropping important plot clues and leaving) that get brought over only to be utterly broken (Coraline never pursues half the stuff Whybe tells her about, and so effectively he's just filler to make the movie longer?) and therefore make no sense. As a result I can't figure out why Coraline even goes on the journey, what she learns that is useful information in the real world, and how she then applies that learning to the real world. I want to go back in time and retroactively get up in a huff and leave the movie theater every time she calls Whybe "Why be born" -- what a little bitch! (and to the writers, did you think we weren't going to get his character's self-importance struggles from his name being "Whybe" so you had to make Coraline call him that every time?) I mean, movies are about life, for the most part... and when they aren't about life (or are too focused on the experience of only a few weird individuals) in some way, they're usually pretty much ignored, or just really bad and boring. So, I find it difficult to find any redeeming qualities of the character Coraline, and I feel really bad about that for some reason. I have so many female friends who are kind of like Coraline, and yet they don't grate on my nerves. I somehow have let the fact that I do not get this movie affect me deeply. It feels like any friend who is the slightest bit feminist will think I'm their enemy because I don't get it. This movie however was critically acclaimed by viewers and professional critics alike an IMDB Rating of 7.7 and a meta score of 80 as well as a Tomatometer of 90% and those kinds of scores are very hard to come by and would be only dreamed about by most filmmakers. And I just do not get it. At all.

a (de) wrote: 60.000 bucks will really show a housewife's true colours. I like how the tension keeps climbing in this in a steady curve, even if it never really peaks. "So, your not really the police after all?" "Only on my mothers side honey!" Gotta love that dialogue