Ôsen chitai

Ôsen chitai

A criminal drama told in a semi-documentary fashion. The murder of the chief official of Kobe city's Customs triggers an investigation of a prostitution ring called the 'Yellow Line' that sells Japanese women.

A criminal drama told in a semi-documentary fashion. The murder of the chief official of Kobe city's Customs triggers an investigation of a prostitution ring called the 'Yellow Line' that sells Japanese women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Twins S (it) wrote: Behind the innocence of beauty there is this movie. The most grossing Vietnamese movie of all times.. brings in the hottest Vietnamese models fighting with swards in a Kevin-Sorbo-Hercules-tv series- style.Its basically that! Now we do not know if it is taken in Vietnam as being a serious action fighting drama, but over here it is more of a comedy.There is definitely a huge production value involved and set design..however if even beautifully shot against a magnificent back drop, the movie falls unfortunately into a very pathetic story..Worth to watch...once!!! Twice with friends...

Alex S (jp) wrote: These Final Hours is an exhilarating, intense apocalyptic movie that succeeds on a physical and emotional level. Keeping a substantial amount of heart, while also providing great thrills backed up by bleak imagery, These Final Hours is worth a viewing.

Trent R (jp) wrote: This is quite well put together, with surprisingly tight editing in spots after the sprawl of the first film. A lot of the laughs may be predicated upon having seen their prior effort, especially the hilarious reintroduction of the character named Tron. This also gives stronger parts to the females, and the relationship dynamic between Trish and Terry is mined to good effect. The fight, drinking, socialized medicine and poetry montage sequences were all highly enjoyable, and display considerable growth from the original. To some extent, they are revisiting comfortable territory with a lot of fun dialogue that appears semi-improvised - but also demonstrating some technical polish and growth in areas that are not so easily pulled off.

Mike F (it) wrote: Pretty good for a TV movie about the Bird Flu. That said, it's not good, but it's got Stacy Keach in it, and that's worth two stars. Coulda used zombies.

Jack P (gb) wrote: A great inventive and wacky family stop motion film, The Boxtrolls is a really well thought up story. A bunch of trolls dressed in boxes whom come out at night to steal rubbish are misunderstood and feared by the humans. This film was hilarious and completely kooky, and really was just out there as a production. From the same studio that brought us Paranorman and Coraline you can really tell the style of animation was similar. A stellar voice cast with the likes of Ben Kingsley and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost just to name a few really made this film that bit more of a delight. Also hearing Richard Ayoade's voice as a character was just hilarious in its self. One of the best family films you will see in a long time.

Melvin W (ru) wrote: Marcus: I'm a gangsta grandpa and I'm proud of it."At the end of the day, what will you hold on to?"Get Rich or Die Tryin' is a nice try I guess. 50 Cent is someone whose been in a lot of movies(granted most are direct to dvd garbage) since this, but that I still don't really view as a serious actor. It's kind of hard to here with the performance he throws out to. He's so dull and lifeless. His character is interesting, but very little comes out of his performance. The film is helped by a supporting cast that has some good names like Terrance Howard and Viola Davis. But when your leads performance is so dead, it brings the whole film down with it.This follows the life of a gangsta who lost his mother(a drug dealer) at a young age. He was forced to move in with his grandparents and live in the basement. He hid the fact that was dealing drugs and involved in the thug life for as long as he could, but soon he leaves home and starts his own life of trying to get money. He's taken under the wing of a more experienced thug and starts getting all the respect of the neighborhood. But what Marcus wants more than anything else is to be a rapper.This is a movie that is similar to, but not nearly as good as, Hustle & Flow. This one is more dramatic about how bad the life of the street is, but it's still less effective. I liked the movie for what it is I guess. It has an interesting story and is entertaining, but nonetheless it fails because of a lead that doesn't really move us.This is a decent try and all, but there's much better movies about how bad the life of a gangsta is. I enjoyed it to a degree, but it's something I'll probably never revisit. It's worth a look, I guess, as long as you find the subject material interesting. Just don't expect a whole lot.

AM Q (nl) wrote: I've seen this!! It's HORRIBLE. Tragical, really. Piper Perabo is a princess? And Val Kilmer is in it...but uncredited. He didn't want to be associated with it, I guess.

David S (au) wrote: If you put expensive actors in a movie without a decent story line or plot, you just have an expensive flop. That's all this movie is.

David S (ca) wrote: Most likely the greatest space movie of all time. One of if not Ron Howard's best. Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise and Ed Harris lead you on this drama survival film, a cinematic masterpiece.

David L (fr) wrote: Although it loses its steam in the second half and it is nowhere near Capra's best, Arsenic and Old Lade is still an uproariously funny, wonderfully macabre picture with absolutely hilarious situations and dialogue, terrific performances all around (Cary Grant proved once again what a comedic genius he was), quirky characters, highly authentic story and the film is a superb mix of spoof and dark comedy.

Scott R (ca) wrote: One of the better romantic comedies of the era.

Brandon S (it) wrote: This total ADD-fest is disgustingly hyper-violent and unburdened by things like memorable set pieces or a moral compass of any kind. It gets 2 and a half stars only for the action sequences. While they were, as I said earlier, far too violent they were still exciting nonetheless.

Justin M (jp) wrote: Great effects but poor character development