Osenniy marafon

Osenniy marafon

School teacher is cheating on his wife and lies about it.

School teacher is cheating on his wife and lies about it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khia H (mx) wrote: It was so heart warming and it put a smile on my face to see how they loved each other and made me cry how thick and thin they still stayed together

Alaina F (fr) wrote: Not bad, Not great, Just in the middle

Valerie P (au) wrote: The synopsis intrigued me. I support British films, and I had worked in a call center once. I recognized a few cast names from television shows; as well as the lovely Tom Hughes.What a wasted hour and a half that turned out to be!The satire goes too far, the high-jinks are too high. It began to blare at me, like some obnoxious siren, and still I had to see it through.It seems to me that there are these sort of "personal retrospective"-type films cropping up a lot recently. They aim to be so clever, and yet they miss the mark completely. I did not walk away from this film feeling even slightly enlightened or circumspect. I just walked away... quickly.

Juli N (de) wrote: Vincent Gallo's performance was electrifying!

Hannah D (ru) wrote: An extremely clever comedy which it set up very much like a play - all set in one room a year after the apparent suicide of a fairly unknown model five of her fans meet. All of the actors are outstanding in their eccentric roles and hilarious. It starts off slow but it's well worth sticking with it.

Misteur R (gb) wrote: " Maintenant pour trouver un peu de verdure, faut se pointer au Castorama, rayon Jardinage! " (Jean Rochefort)

Shari R (nl) wrote: Remarkable true story about Vivian Thomas and Dr. Blalock and their research to perform surgery for blue babies at Johns Hopkins.

Cornell W (ru) wrote: I did not like the tree cutter character. It was pointless to me. I hope it was just there because it was in the book.

Karen G (au) wrote: that crazy dad is my dad!

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Lovecraftian in nature, the film is interesting at best.

Michael M (ru) wrote: Strange.... Boring, but strange

Anthony V (it) wrote: Weak remake of His Girl Friday.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You have to climb Mt. Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls.Ann Wells doesn't feel like she knows who she is from her upbringing in a small New England town and heads onto Broadway to work for a law firm that works with movie stars, directors and producers. She becomes close with two girls in the business, one is a limited talented actress that struggles with relationships, shallowness, and drugs (Marilyn Monroe). Her other friend (Judy Garland) was rejected by a fading star actress and uses that rejection to form a burning inner anger to be the best. She spits off at the old actress throughout her career and the venom turns her into exactly what she hates. "I feel a little top heavy.""You are a little top heavy."Mark Robson, director of Earthquake, The Prize, Peyton Place, Trial, Isle of the Dead, Bedlam, The Ghost Ship (1943), and A Prize of Gold, delivers Valley of the Dolls. When this was released the reviews murdered it. Many famous actors tried out and turned these parts down. I actually love this movie. It may be nothing like the book, but still depicts a fascinating glimpse of the past. The cast delivers convincing performances and includes Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, Martin Milner, Lee Grant, and Naomi Stevens. "Lots of secretaries are married, aren't they?""Not in this office."I came across this on Netflix and had to add it to my queue. It is regarded in Hollywood as one of the all time bad films, but I actually enjoy this movie. It may not hold up to the amazing novel, but I enjoyed the plot and character interactions. I definitely think this is a must see classic."All I've ever had is my body and now I don't even have that."Grade: A

Thomas B (gb) wrote: *With awful directing from John Moore, an atrocious script by the devil himself Skip Woods, and a typically uninspired performance from Bruce Willis, this latest addition to the Die Hard franchise bombs, and it bombs hard.

Emi3 (us) wrote: nice girly film, quite an old one!