A young girl named Oshin is sent to work for another family, because of her own family's financial condition. Nevertheless, the young girl lives strongly.

A young girl named Oshin is sent to work for another family because of her family's financial situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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g f (ru) wrote: It was choppy and the best parts were already shown in the commercials. If you read the book this was a huge let down. Paying attention to details (e.g. first movie: red room of pain door handle not the same, he redecorated his penthouse in such a short time). We may have had to wait long for the second movie but it had only been 5 days when they ride together to Jose's art show. I could go on and on but all I will say is save your money for a better movie!

shai l (br) wrote: What is most endearing is young actress' Kal So-won's performance as the smart lil Yesung.

Tim M (es) wrote: A low budget Aussie tribute with some good scenes and a nice, classical score. "The convoluted smalltown double-crossing, and one very prolonged death on the road, suggest the Coen brothers' debut Blood Simple, while the confrontation between an innocent woman and an implacably evil man points to No Country For Old Men. Which is to say that the debut feature of the China brothers (writer/director Paul, producer Ben) is wedded to the joys of genre, playing all at once as outback oater, neo noir and home invasion thriller, with some kinky sex and black humor thrown in for good measure."

O Ryan F (jp) wrote: Finally, something in the theaters for thinkers.

Trey W (de) wrote: This whole movies a disaster

Raju S (es) wrote: First Time watched an original Tamil movie and that too with Rajnikanth....Beautiful sets, fantastic editing, good entertainment and Shreya is beautiful.....

Bengel W (ru) wrote: Casting for this film sticks out because they are so perfect together. They are well directed, photographed and blanched in music of the period. Have your tissues ready and remember that things have not changed much! 26000 casualties and 6800 dead Americans, make this one of the finest films to watch. Moral, Do not join the Military, duh. Nibbles: Sushi.

Ana R (fr) wrote: Mais pela qumica dos atores do que pela histria.

Nigel K (es) wrote: How can such a talented cast make such a lousy film?

Eden L (br) wrote: I have to say I'm biased when it comes to anything to do with Macross, regardless of the continuity issues. Better seen as a one-off.

Brian K (jp) wrote: 2/3/01 - After seeing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (see below), I saw that some of the reviews compared it to Once Upon a Time in China. Intrigued, I decided to rent this on DVD. I was pretty disappointed. The action scenes are cool, but the movie as a whole seemed pretty sub-par. One redeeming point was the commentary track by Ric Meyers. It contained lots of cool info about kung-fu movies.

Kevin M (au) wrote: Weird experimental documentary attempts to depict the rise and fall of the National Socialist regime without using a single frame of shock footage; clips from various German television programs and home videos (shot with two-strip color film!) paint a mundane portrait of the Third Reich before the tides of war swept everything away. While it's not engaging at all, "Swastika" presents plenty of rare glimpses into daily life in a nation that could have flourished into a prosperous Socialist regime were it not for the Napoleonic aspirations of its charismatic Fuehrer. A devastating series of smash cuts bring us from the aftermath of the Hindenberg disaster, to the militarization of the Western Front, to the devastated ruin of Berlin in summer of 1945. Phillipe Mora's essay might be sorely lacking in insight, as far as its oft-covered subject is concerned, but the intriguing editing choices make this worth seeing as a cinematic curio.

Michael O (ru) wrote: O Brother Where Art Thou tells the story of Everett, Pete and Delmar three members of a Mississippi prison chain gang who embark on a quest to gain their freedom and pursue money and glory. Taking place during the 1930s and the depression era the plot situated on the trios search for a lost treasure, which later turns out to be an idea and not just gold. Along the way there is conflict between the characters as their own interests come in between the central goal that they have. Meanwhile Sheriff Cooley is on the trail to pursue our heroes and they most use the eccentric and downright detestable at times characters that they meet along the way to move on in their quest. The allusion throughout the film borrows from Homer's The Odyssey as the main character Everett's middle name is Ulysses which is Odysseus in Greek. The whole film fits in the archetype of the quest of the quest as they as characters like Everett are looking to restore their marriage, and Delmar and Pete are looking for recognition security and their freedom. The treasure symbolically is being accepted and gaining their freedom. We see more allusions to the Odyssey with one-eyed Big Dan as the Cyclops, the three girls by the river as the Sirens, Sheriff Cole as the villain, Everett's wife marrying someone else when he comes home and the Baptism at the water just to name a few. One of the more intriguing elements was the blind man on the hand-pumped railway that tells the companions that they would not find the treasure they seeked, which mirrors the prophet that Odysseus consults in the underworld. I found the largest foreshadow in the song that played at the beginning of the film and then throughout called "The Man of Constant Sorrow", which was directly foretelling of the character Odysseus whose name means "man who is constant pain and sorrow." It was very interesting to see film and famous literature intersect at such a complex level and all of this is easy to miss if you do not pay attention or have not read Homer. The Resolution of the film was fulfilling as the three heroes are pardoned and then survive a flood when the dam breaks. Everyone is left off in better suits and it mirrors the conclusion of the Odyssey. This was an entertaining film that was witty, funny and enthralling and one I would watch again just for the soundtrack alone. The archetype of the quest is clearly present as they are searching to restore and bring back the old within their lives and to renew what was lost from before and it may also fit into the archetype of the journey as well.

Andrea M (jp) wrote: 4 stars until the end, which is 1 star. Wish he was just a spooky doll.