Oskar & Josefine

Oskar & Josefine

Josefine gets a time machine for her birthday, and then she travels back in time with her friend Oskar.

Oscar and Josefine are celebrating Midsummer with Oscar's grandparents in the country. A demon, Thorsen, gives Josefine the gift of enabling her to travel back in time. Visiting Oscar's family in the 17th century, Josefine saves a sickly young girl from the stake. But now the villagers see Josefine as a witch and want to burn her at the stake instead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David P (nl) wrote: I really want to see this movie

Matt G (jp) wrote: This story of tangerine farmers housing and treating a couple of enemy soldiers is so slow and pious, it almost feels like a parody of a Foreign Language Oscar nominee...but alas, it's the real thing. There's some intriguing tension between the opposing war-patients within the house, but otherwise it's just the same boring, pretentious, and self-righteous tripe that the Academy forces on us each year.

Amit R (it) wrote: Has some interesting moments, but for some reason the movie has no ending. maybe the screenwriter was fired prematurely or something...

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: A surprise here even before the film gets to rolling: 1) Its a Disney production and 2) its directed by David Lynch. If ever there was unlikely matchup this is the one. And yet ... a remarkable effort, one for adults only, but not for the reasons you might think. An ailing elderly man travels across country to visit his ailing elderly brother - on a lawnmower. The action happens just about as fast as a lawnmower goes that's what'll freeze out the attention deficit disordered younglings. But for the older amongst us a unique look at a sober speed about what's truly important in life, with quality performances by all concerned.

Giorgos V (br) wrote: Tainia tromou gia klamata. 2-3 kales skhnes splatter alla meta pigaines toualeta me athlitikh efhmerida gia na deis kamia metagrafh

Eyrha S (ag) wrote: i'll think bout an extreme date after watched this, could be interesting...hahahaaa...

The M (de) wrote: Violence, blood and nudity.. What more could you ask for? Maybe some actors that can act? If you are in to Troma, you will love this one.

Urmas P (mx) wrote: Excellent. Nice balance of predictability and U-turns.

Ben C (mx) wrote: I'll admit that this movie is trying to take a different approach at a reality TV show within a movie, but it's been done before, and the jokes that make me laugh, are not very creative.

Evan H (ca) wrote: I love Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan's chemistry in this movie! nice to see Carrie Fisher in this, too!

Peter W (gb) wrote: I enjoy this film whoever thought up the idea of the fight in the bedroom were she's naked and turning off the light for the badguys can't see her and karate chopping them in the dark was a visionary.

Linda C (au) wrote: I usually like Cable's movies but was disappointed in this one.

Ahmed J (ca) wrote: Aahhhh the 80s. Ridiculous fighting scenes. Long range shotguns, synth music and the infamous line of chewing bubble gum is here. Yup loved it, as cheesy as it is.

Theresa A (nl) wrote: wonderfully sad movie .