Osama bin Laden returns from his watery grave and creates an army of zombie insurgents.

Osama bin Laden is back, but this time, he's a zombie with his own army of zombie insurgents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Osombie torrent reviews

Jens N (ag) wrote: It isn't that memorable, but it's not a dull experience.

Guido S (gb) wrote: Based on the story of how Marshall's football team was killed in a plane crash, but was able to bounce back and field a team of mostly freshmen and sophomore, though they weren't very successful on the field, it was how they came together to get over the tragedy. Doesn't really do anything you haven't seen in these sports movies, but the performances are solid from McConaughey and Matthew Fox. Worth seeing at least once.

Michael W (es) wrote: Periodically things like amateurish cinematography or mediocre CGI would remind me that China's film industry is still in its adolescence. All things considered though, I'd say the kid has got potential! This turned out to be a big-budget epic period drama that was really quite good.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: I'm not saying the movie is not that so scary at all but the flow of the story plus Jennifer Connelly carried the film fine and flourishing... plus I like the ending... eye watering...

Keenan S (es) wrote: In The Cut is an awkward, clumsy, and unintentionally hilarious erotic thriller. This film is so inept in its execution that it became a fascinating catastrophe of a film that I had a lot of fun watching. The storyline meanders all over the place and goes in all sorts of bizarre directions, there's random sex scenes and nudity, hilariously awful dialogue (Especially the sex dialogue), a murder aspect of the plot that comes and goes, bizarre characters, and other random shit. By itself, it is completely terrible when judged as what it was supposed to be. But...as a comedy and surrealistic film, it works pretty well. I wouldn't recommend it to most people, but I sure had fun watching this wacky erotic thriller.

Scott C (kr) wrote: I'd like to give this another chance one day, because I'm such a huge Alan Parker fan. I just found this a little weird and unfunny though.

Martin T (mx) wrote: Creating a sympathetic view of Germans is done more successfully in All Quiet on the Western Front, perhaps because that war doesn't have such awful baggage with it. Still, Sirk manages fairly well. There are few surprises here, it's your typical "the human side of war" story. But it's handled deftly... though the Technicolor occasionally threatens to beautify things too much, for the most part it's kept in check. Bonus point for a brief appearance by Klaus Kinski, in one of his earliest roles.

Joni R (ru) wrote: Maybe I'm biased...but I WAS Pal Joey for a while. :) Always loved the movie before anyway. Kim was OK, but Rita and Frank make this worth watching over and over. The music, the attitude and the reality of such triangles. The ending could have made it a 5 star for me...but the rest is GRAVY plus. Frank at the top of his game ... and Rita the most beautiful "older woman" one could desire. GREAT music!

Sanyika G (ca) wrote: Bruh one of the best series of movies ever actually really enjoyed it!

Isaias D (mx) wrote: Great movie. I loved it.

Scott M (au) wrote: Myth, legend, warriors and magic. What's not to love? Boorman does a great job of mixing them all together. Usually I hate these types of movies. But this is one of my all time favorites.

Ivan T (au) wrote: Boring. Wordy. Can't wait the movie to be ended.

Tom H (es) wrote: Simple, shallow characters, but entertaining, well worth the watch.

Michael H (nl) wrote: One of my favourite vampire movies. Awesome soundtrack. Not really a true sequel to Interview With The Vampire, so best not to watch it with that film in mind.