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Based upon the story by R. L. Stevenson, the film shows Orson Welles as Long John Silver, pirate chief, who would like to find hidden treasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris G (es) wrote: Hilariously embarrassing, strangely touching and actually not particularly camp at all. I can only assume that the low scores and ratings I've seen for this film are from people who were expecting something else, presumably a piss take of 1970s science fiction. What you actually have is a film that uses practical effects (or CGI with the same feel) to produce something which is as visually appealing and cohesive as 'Moon'... there are, for example, no Dr Who-style wobbly sets - it's all done very well. As far as the plot is concerned, the science fiction of the character's jobs on Space Station 76 is merely a backdrop to some very familiar and very funny social situations, some of which have a very 70s feel to them (particularly the sexual attitudes) and some of which are still very relevant today. Patrick Wilson, playing the captain here, is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. Highly recommended!

Caleb N (mx) wrote: how to describe thisclichepoorly actedbadunbelievablebad CGI

Pritesh N (ca) wrote: This really takes a trip into the other side of life of the famous hollywood actor Eric Bana. A side in which you breath the screeching tire rubber smoke, you feel the heartbeat of pumping pistons in an engine, motoroil runs through your nerves. This movie is true to emotions of a real gearhead who sees cars more than just a machine. A must watch for anyone who has a passion for cars.

Dann M (us) wrote: "Rock me. Rock me sexy Jesus..." The irreverent indie comedy Hamlet 2 delivers some good laughs, but is uneven and lacks focus. The story follows a high school drama teacher who writes a musical sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet, but the controversy it creates soon puts the production in jeopardy. Starring Steve Coogan, Elisabeth Shue, Catherine Keener, and Amy Poehler, the film has a strong cast. But the script is weak, and does little to endure the audience to the characters or the play. Additionally, the comedy gets kind of raunchy at times and seems to be done only for shock value. Hamlet 2 is a problematic film that has some fun moments, but in the end it's too much of a mess.

Nichole B (kr) wrote: A beautifully written film with captivating actors and a moving score -- pretty much everything you'd want in a film. I highly recommended it, especially to writers or anyone who is seeking inspiration to overcome a major life obstacle.

Tom H (de) wrote: a well made war epic!

Ola G (mx) wrote: Four men rob a bank in Saint-Jean-de-Monts. However, one is seriously wounded and they leave him in a clinic after hiding the money in a sophisticated scheme. Meanwhile Commissaire Edouard Coleman (Alain Delon) is investigating the murder of a woman and his informer, a transvestite named Gaby, tells him about a shipment of heroin carried by a mule called Suitcase Matthew by train to Lisbon. Nightclub owner Simon (Richard Crenna), Edouards friend and a prime suspect in the robbery learns that the police is tracking the wounded thief in hospitals and clinics and they will certainly find him at some point. Simon and the rest of the gang goes with his girlfriend (Catherine Deneuve) to kill the wounded gang member so he wont talk. At the same time has Simon come up with a plan to rob Suitcase Matthew on the train and get hold of the heroin. Coleman is evidently getting closer to Simon and his men..."Un flic" is a 1972 French film, directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. This film has a strong ensemble with Delon, Crenna, Conrad and Deneuve in the leads. However, one can wonder about the decision of using Crenna and Conrad, two very american actors only speaking french in the film. Dubbed it seems, even if theres scenes when its more uncertain. In Crennas case it was apparently post-dubbed for accent reasons, meaning he spoke french during his scenes. "Un flic" is slick, sterile, cold coloured and slow paced film with a narrative thats a bit too scattered in my book. Theres hardly any proper character development, its not always needed, but I personally feel that the film wouldve been a bit better with that. I like Melvilles decision of having two long no-dialog and no-music scenes in the film, which in itself creates a unique feeling within the movie. The pillar of the film is the code of honor. By betraying trust and fooling someone professionally means there will be revenge and the price is death. Like in the classic Western and Samurai movies. I love the stare down scenes obviously inspired by classic western stare downs. The worst part of the movie is the train heist with obvious helicopter/train miniature models. That drags down the movie for sure in my eyes. Not even in 1972 that wouldve passed unnoticed. Theres also a bit too many scenes with quite crappy studio settings that drags down the film as well. Delon is good, but this is not his best work. Crenna and Conrad gives some weight, but I dont honestly believe in their physical action scenes, they simply dont have have the physics and charisma for that. Specifically Crenna. The always beautiful Deneuve is underused and just eye candy unfortunately. What a waste of a great actress. "Un flic" has something unique, but its not enough to excite me in 2015.

Pierluigi P (br) wrote: John Huston's pictures are humane. All he had was sympathy and respect for those men and women born losers, survivors, ordinary people with struggles, sacrifices, constant boredom, values, cares, hopes, little but fruitful victories, plus scattered and rare but strong connections between them, that help to make it through each day. Here was accomplished another masterful allegory of life through boxing. Poetry with no need of words.

Aditya M (gb) wrote: A pleasant romance / comedy/ action film. You can't go too wrong with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.

KJ P (nl) wrote: Odd indeed. The premise of this film had me intrigued from the start, and even though the idea behind this premise even happening is bizarre and silly, I was ready to accept and view as a kid. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" has some very solid moments, but when your film is overly sentimental to the point where you will begin rolling your eyes at it's attempt at emotion, that will hurt it very dearly. The cast is very likeable and the way of telling the story was interesting, but it just did not connect with anything going on in this film the way that I thought I was going to. The dialogue was pretty standard and the outcome seemed like the easy way out of this story, but in the end, it's a film children can enjoy, even though it's not a very good one. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is the definition of wasted potential.