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Oswald torrent reviews

Matteo F (de) wrote: the shit. it's enough

Mind the Book o (au) wrote: Oliver Sacks is my hero. Every year around this time I read the case study 'The Last Hippie' from 'An Anthropologist on Mars' with my psychology students. Everyone likes this bittersweet, hopeful, humanist adaptation.

Paul T (kr) wrote: It seemed to go on for a fortnight

Klmn N (de) wrote: A little piece of the greater horror telling us more about the depths of a human soul than so many of the award winning Holocaust films that deal more with the tragedy visible than with the one inside those who survived. A wonderful performance by Goldbum if not the best of his career so far. A man with heart of a child who was forced to take responsibility at the darkest hour and refuses to take any more of it when he fails has to realize that he has grown up and he can not live in constant grief or at least has to put it aside and try to leave it behind if he wants to live. He seems to lose this fight when finally the pain of others does the miracle. Some say the film is esoteriric or nihilist but this could only be the opinion of those who never discovered the beauty of life or forgot how empty can life be sometimes, not to mention those critics who just simply to lazy or stupid to understand that there are things beyond their wildest imagination or just beyond their armchair and laptop.

Kris F (ca) wrote: terrible i want my stars back

Jc E (br) wrote: Disturbing but believable story. The average Chinese is obsessed with migrating to the west thinking that the US or Europe is paved with gold. When the beautiful dream of success in the US turned to dust, so did his inability to face defeat and dishonor to his parents in China that pushed him to a massacre the people he hated or was jealous of. Sad but true story of the moral bankruptcy of modern Chinese where fame and fortune is paramount to happiness in in life. Murder or taking someone to hell with you when things don't work out for you is sad but easier when China renounces all religion.

Robert T (mx) wrote: Chris Cooper shines in this indie film about political issues. -Trevika

Jim M (ru) wrote: Boreing, boreing, boreing. The only reason is has been reated so high is due to the gay issues. I don't mind a good gay movie as long as it is more like deliverance, no squealing noises but I stopped watching half way through to continue watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents.This was a waste of a good 35 minutes until I finally said enough. If you are a man without gay tendencies this movie is not for you, even my wife watch the first 30 minutes and went to bed bored to tears. I'm sorry, it even bored the dog, not mind but the one next door.Plus I have noticed most foreign movies get higher % points than movies made in the US, I don't get that but they do, as do gay movies.

Bill B (br) wrote: The set-up is pretty great, with a grouchy young woman put on house arrest in her mother's home, where mom is convinced there's a spirit lurking about. The lead is naturally a non-believer, until things start to get a bit too real and she's forced to start investigating, even employing an amateur ghost hunter to help out.This one was pretty decent, paying off a lot of good word of mouth I'd heard about it over the past few years.

Altaf C (mx) wrote: Yucky movie......Cudn't bear it

Toby E (au) wrote: Not bad for their first plunge into cinema.

Dawn S (us) wrote: Great rendition of the biography of Bugsy Siegel. I liked Warren Beatty and Annette Bening in this . Great chemistry.

Tori D (mx) wrote: It feels like a haunting fairy tale; spanning an age in Spain and the web of lives that conveniently come together and evolve as an excellent werewolf story.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Its the ones who don't know who are the unfortunate one's.On my cinematic journey through Akira Kurosawa's films this is his best film so far, its massage for the people most effected by World War 2 has long since passed, but it can still be applied to us in this day and age, as well as pushing the limit on sexualism and relationship in films post-war. A sweet dream like film (all these thing I am stating now are fairly well tolled in the film so I will be stating the obvious) following a young couple who are broke as a joke on a average Sunday that turns out to be there greatest moment in there live's as the world throws everything at there fragile relationship, a depressed war veteran is being challenged with looking after his girlfriend, but some how there youthful properties in there personalities are sheltered through and give them a saving grace with a helping hand by a round applause they make it through.On there adventure to the Zoo they look at each animal and give a description how they feel and what they seem like, in this scene they are stating the different types of people around them including themselves using the animals, in the scene they describe a weird looking bird and reference it with a similarly weird-slightly nuts guy they met earlier, Bear cubs, innocent and cute- this is the young girl because of her key-ring of a tiny bear she holds in her handbag through out the film and of course the guy a less kinder and more concrete person formed by war is an almost complete opposite from his lady-friend who is more like a child-youthful- he is compared to a a depressed looking Dear. I have to say this film chipped out a tiny piece of titanium in my man-armor my making tear-up not because it was emotionally sad (although it is quite sad), what made me teary eyed was the gleeful happiness of the two and there funny encounters with all the other zoo-like people. Funny and faith restoring film, Kurosawa has earned some director points.Just the kindest film without being to corny or sappy, so evenly weighed out with it's camera work making it flow by quickly as-well as suspending it in the mind with it gorgeous dreamy scenes that look like fine paintings, each scene perfectly captured by the black and white film.

Riff J (mx) wrote: What an awesome premise. The movie has quite a few surprises and even manages to scare along the way too. Imho it gets most of it's *'s from the unexpected twists and surprises. This movie is good right up to the last second.

Ryan H (gb) wrote: It's another pointless horror movie. Blood and gore doesn't make good storytelling. The only reason I would watch it would be to laugh at how bad it is.

Allan C (fr) wrote: When this film originally came out, it had the novelty of being a horror film where the villain was a tiny grotesque leprechaun. Rematching the film now, the novelty of the film is far and away the fact that megastar Jennifer Anistion (sporting LA Gear) is starring in an unabashedly trashy horror film about an evil comical leprechaun. Warwick "Willow/Wicket" Davis plays the evil leprechaun who gets angered at a group of young people after one of them steals his gold. The young people include Aniston as the pretty girl, Ken "Summer School" Olandt as the hunky guy and Mark "Pee Wee's Big Adventure/Teen Wolf" Holton as the town halfwit. Regardless of the entertainment value of this being an embarrassment on Jennifer Aniston's filmography, the film does actually have an appropriately unpretentious tone that is fitting for the film's goofy premiss of an evil leprechaun horror film. Straight faced horror films work for the right type of story, but writer/director Mark Jones does get the tone just right for what really is a ridiculous holiday horror film premiss. Overall, this is certainly not a film to go out of your way to see, but it is awfully entertaining to see Jennifer Aniston in a role that's not far removed from Linnea Quigley or Adrienne Barbeau and even though it's a very silly horror film, it's never boring.

Nicky N (ru) wrote: This Was OK.I Was Expecting More Action.This Could Have Been More Better.But Ford Is Great As Jack Ryan.The Hunt For Red October Was Better.C+

Andrew V (nl) wrote: just to see what all the hype is about