Otakus in Love

Otakus in Love

Live-action adaptation of a madcap manga about art, opposites, love and a whole lot of cosplay.

Live-action adaptation of a madcap manga about art, opposites, love and a whole lot of cosplay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walker S (mx) wrote: Silly and stupid and yet it is a charming look at the retro vision of the future yes it has cheesy acting but with a cameo appearance by the stunning Anna Sophia Berglund and with acting that is on par with other b movies this is a movie all 70s nut a Buck Rodgers fan or a fan of any 70s scifi this is a must see

Mike C (gb) wrote: I'm going to say it just tries too hard. Is it a look at the darker side of the streets in Sydney, Australia? Is it an erotic thriller? Hell, is it even erotic? (It does okay as a thriller). More depressing than anything, if the two lead females were decent, I think it could be a bad movie.An experienced call girl picks up a new call girl - fresh on her first night on the streets. They have a pretty easy job until the john is executed. They run, but the killer tracks them down. Not real plausible. Even less plausible: the killer just doesn't want to do. A severe beating and run-in with a car, evidently, are not enough to take down this man. At around 90 minutes, it is at least watchable. There is a certain interest in seeing if the girls will survive the night. There are some other interesting things: a particularly brutal beating late in the movie. And the one guy who never blinks is effing insane. Great casting job. I can't tell if he just looks crazy or was acting. Either way, it's a decent character. Probably more so than the movie.

James V (us) wrote: If you're interested in foreign culture check this film out. The themes of this movie reflect the real life issues in Mongolia like the destruction of their steppes, and the end of nomadic life in nature. Delves into shamanism as well as some political history as well. Also good visual entertainment, but definitely for the more worldly-concerned viewer overall.

Jake R (fr) wrote: DR9 can be beautiful--when it's not being absolutely grating. Am I the only one who thinks Matthew Barney is full of shit? I don't respond well to art made with no thought of the audience, and resent when I'm asked to wade through four hours of obscure cinematic toilet-water because a film maker couldn't practice any form of restraint himself.

Miriam G (ru) wrote: An unfortunately overlooked and very well-done movie with its heart in a very sweet place.

Ryan J (gb) wrote: Well the story of this movie is the exact title of it. It happens sometimes. Bruce Campbell is in it...so see it? Ehh...

Junaid A (ru) wrote: if wanna see its English movie, Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)

Mawr G (mx) wrote: Though there are some historical inaccuracies, it is still a good film.

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: An ok movie in the end.

Jared P (it) wrote: One of my favorite spy movies that's clever, unpredictable, & fun.

Oliver B (kr) wrote: archetypal schmaltz. loved it.

Michael L (kr) wrote: This was a really good flick, a few unexpected plot twists.

Brian A (gb) wrote: i saw this at a drive-in when i must've been three. it seemed funny but couldn't keep my three year old brain occupied.

Daisy T (es) wrote: the theme was excellent..

Jason T (br) wrote: It's a better film than Noah good special effects and set design. Some of the casting is miscast while some like Christian Bale are great. The pacing of the movie is another issue. The movie starts off kind of choppy in a really slow. But it gets better. As far as biblical adaptations go it's not the best but it's not the worst either.

Ryan T (mx) wrote: Overall a solid war film, that may not stick out in originality, but you can appreciate in authenticity.