Other Men's Women

Other Men's Women

Railroad fireman Bill White is a carefree ladies' man with an irresponsible streak. His buddy Jack Kulper, an engineer, is more solid and reliable. Bill comes to stay a while with Jack and his wife Lily. Bill and Lily fall in love, but not wishing to hurt Jack, Bill leaves without explanation. When Jack confronts Bill about his suspicions, the two fight and Jack is seriously injured. Bill is consumed with guilt and tries to make good, but Jack has his own ideas about that.

Events take an unhappy turn for two Bill and Jack, two locomotive engineers, after Bill is attracted to his best friend's wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Song L (es) wrote: An awesome thriller.

Amy H (us) wrote: Interesting and bloody, but somehow missing something to make it really interesting and intriguing.

Daniel V (es) wrote: I don't know what the trimmed down American version(22 minutes shorter) looks like but the 130 minute Original is a beautiful epic. The cinematography was good enough to get nominated for an Oscar and it deserves it. It's hard to be beat Donnie Yen as the master of Wing Chun from the IP MAN trilogy but Tony Leung is one of the world's finest actors and he shows it hear. Ziyi Zhang has really being doing nothing but good since she burst onto the International scene 17 years ago in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. And she keeps getting better! This is more her character, Gong Er's story than Ip Man's. It can be slow at times but it's so pretty to look at, you forgive the slower pacing.

Brandon Y (de) wrote: zoe eating mila out... ummm

Sergio S (de) wrote: If you are totally uncool like me and wonder where all this "You Got Served" business came from, this movie will enlighten you. It's actually a really cool view and the ignorant (again, like me) get to learn about things like clowning. It's also a nice chance to see a renowned still photographer (Dave LaChapelle) work in motion. Aside from that treat, Rize is really beautiful to look at and contains some powerful messages. Check it out if you get a chance . . .

Andreia B (es) wrote: Not bad, liked he story behind it.

Aa M (ag) wrote: the three stars go for the acting the half is for everything else

John Z (it) wrote: This is my ALL time favorite movie, I've watched it well over 100 times and never tire of watching it! NONE of the trailers I have seen of this wonderful - three part love story and highly emotional - film even begin to do it justice. All the trailers and previews portray this movie to be a silly comedy, which could not be further from the truth! Even the musical score from the very beginning of the film gives you the perfect indication you are about to see a movie that you WILL enjoy, and yes, cry. (I bawl my eyes out every time I watch it, both from sadness and happiness!) The entire movie/story/plot from the very beginning to the very end, especially the end (which I am not going to spoil for you here) is why this will become a favorite of yours too, which I guarantee will have you watching it over and over again. There are only a handful of movies that have this quality (for me) and "Creator" is at the top of the list, along with "Lady In White", "Upside Down", "Torch Song Trilogy" and "Parting Glances", just to name a few. Please, watch this movie and enjoy a roller coaster ride of emotions and humor, but not "silly" humor. With an OUTSTANDING cast starring the late great Peter O'Toole, Vincent Spano, Mariel Hemingway, Virginia Madsen and many more you will instantly recognize, this movie is a pure treasure and delight. ENJOY!!! :)

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: the worse movie ive seen in a long time!

Tim R (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever!