After being captured and tortured by the psychopath Otis, teen cheerleader Riley Lawson escapes and informs her parents, who quickly sidestep sluggish FBI agents and take matters into their own hands. But the Lawsons' revenge plan hits a snag when Otis's unusual brother enters the picture.

The film is directed by Tony Krantz. It concentrates on the typical family who attempt to save their princess from a ruthless serial killer. What challenges do they face to attain their goal ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DA Z (jp) wrote: A word of warning: It took me several days to pick myself up off my own puddle of tears after watching this film. Keep the Lights On goes well beyond the boy-likes-boy storyline. It progresses as an alluring and intimate story of two charming men, Erik and Paul, meeting and tenderly falling for one another. But their soon-to-be romance tale is contorted by Paul's consistent drug abuse, landing him in hospitals and rehab centers. The damaging struggles they deal with tear at their relationship in this deeply moving yet cynically somber film. Ultimately, its striking realism makes it important viewing.

Michael G (ag) wrote: favorite childhood movie

Syed A (gb) wrote: A very gripping movie!!!!!...must watch!!!

William W (mx) wrote: Spike Lee is an unfortunate instance of a very talented filmmaker who'sobvious talent in craftsmanship doesn't come across in contemporarymainstream cinema because of issues having nothing to do with cinemaitself. I realize that in becoming great at anything in one's life,other things have to suffer, and with him it seems, at least to me,that for everything he has undoubtedly accomplished in the filmicrealm, it's created a type of 'idiot savant' (it's simply an existingterm--I certainly don't mean it pejoratively)--that is, in socialskills, at least pertaining to self-marketing, or getting across one'spersona in the field, he is lacking--and it negatively impacts hiscinema. And that's a dirty rotten shame, because this was a fine film.He and his excellent approach to cinema remind me of the Heisenbergprinciple and make me: a) wish Lee could find more happiness in hislife, so that he can come across better, and thus have his personalitynot negatively influence cinephiles like me; and b) wonder, like in 'ABeautiful Mind', if he was happier and more pleasant, if it wouldnegatively impact his filmmaking? Philosophical questions such as this tend to keep me up at night, unless I have some red wine, milk or chamomile tea to wear me out and soothe me.'Clockers' worked for me. Keitel was really on a roll when he worked in this, with 'Bad Lieutenant', 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Smoke' all around this time. It was certainly a great vintage for him, and a fine time to sample his acting.

Ken W (ca) wrote: The most recent attempt to bring the avenging angel of the marvel universe, The Punisher, doesn't hit the target...but it doesn't give you cancer either. Ray Stevenson's portrayal of Frank Castle is as close to the comic source material as one could want. The violence is as hammy and extreme as fans could expect for a character who rose to prominence during the 1980s as a commentary on ultra violence. What I can't defend is the villains and supporting cast. Dominic West's Jigsaw and Doug Hutchison's Looney Bin Jim make Bugsy Bunny feel realistic. Their accents alone make these some of the worst character portrayals taken from comics. One point that needs to be considered when watching Punisher: War Zone is that this is not serious. Warzone shares more with Friday the 13th than The Dark Knight. This is Jason with bullets, and we should be cheering him the whole way. Taken as an inverted slasher, instead of character study, Punisher:Warzone is modern day ultra-violent nostalgia that should be enjoyed with popcorn, not analyzed with a fine tooth comb.

Choen L (fr) wrote: I am not sure if the glaring plotholes are result of bad editing or just bad script writing, but it does make for one entertaining romp after relatively slow burning 25 minute opening introduction. And oh everyone speaks English.