Otra película de amor

Otra película de amor

Diego and Sebastián are 2 teenagers, childhood friends that meet again in summer, which gives way to an intense friendship while they get drunk, smoke weed, and roam around the streets, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   dream,   costume,  

Diego and Sebastián are 2 teenagers, childhood friends that meet again in summer, which gives way to an intense friendship while they get drunk, smoke weed, and roam around the streets, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael K (es) wrote: Things iLearned from this movie: Paul M knows a lot of celebs! Great Documentary with great music.

Matt R (fr) wrote: this was a great movie. jackie chan didn't play the lead role a first for any movie he was in. five of five stars. left you wanting a sequal.

Brayan J (gb) wrote: would love to watch it

Turtleboy G (es) wrote: I really like this movie. It was anticipated for so long, and now it's finally here. It is one of the very few YouTube movies I like.

Selwyn L (es) wrote: Slightly better than average low budget queer flick.

Jacob P (mx) wrote: A pretty good horror flick with an interesting story. But Chris Jericho is barely even in it. He's in one little scene...and that's it. He's not even a main character or anything, he's just in that one 2-mintue scene, so don't count on him being in this film.

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Lilianetty l (fr) wrote: I must admit all this facts are life's true meaning. Without them, we could take wrong ideas and make our lives miserable. Harvey ended as a person who did not took an education and also the need on someone in the last moments of life...is quite sad. That's the moral view: live life every minute, everyday, with the ones you love and care, because one day you will die...and you won't like to die alone (since if we analize a bit, we were not born alone, we were born in the hands of a nurse or of our parents, etc.).Plot: Harvie Krumpet had another name when he was young. He was born from his mother (duh). He was very alike to his father and her mother never liked his school (he was bullied by idiots who did not have a better thing to do with their life). His life (Harvie) will be a ride you will NEVER forget. Is sad I must admit, but in the end of this amazing 20 minutes, you will learn a different point of view of life...one that maybe you never experienced but have heard of. Stars? Yes.Music: I skip the voice acting part, since I loved the cast and only can say they nailed their roles pretty well. Rush as Narrator was the most amazing, giving the scenes a special touch. And the musicians did also a wonderful job. So yes, stars for their effort and the ones behind this animation.To end this short review, 4 stars of 5. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

greysis a (br) wrote: Another great movie i realy like the way the producers show that God is always there and that He is #1 Remember to Read Revalations

D M (it) wrote: While it seemed as though their movies were diminishing in quality in their later years as a duo, this one has a lot of the freshness found in their earlier works. Once again paired with a classic Universal monster, the two are to be found in Egypt. They find a valuable ancient medallion and attempt to sell it to get plane tickets back home. Its much more valuable than they first realize and soon are pursued by different groups who want to retain it including a cult leader who revives the mummy. No rehashed routines that I noticed and this, despite being one of their last, could be a good place to start if you have yet to see any of theirs.

I dont know w (us) wrote: This movie just looks like it could have been done a whole lot better.

Luke P (au) wrote: best action film I've seen in years!

Fong K (us) wrote: viewed on 12/9/04 (Sun)I have always perceived this movie as a heavy social commentary tale. The first half turns out to be rather funny. Two bank robbers run into some outrageous hiccups while robbing the bank. An accomplice backed out in the last minute. One bank robber tries to be smart and burns a register in a bin. The smoke attracts a passer-by, risking being caught. After going through all the trouble, the bank vault is actually left with a small sum of money only. Then, without a clue, they are on national TV, surrounded by police, TV media reporters, a huge crowd and ... gay supporters. Al Pacino's character is a bisexual who is married to a chubby woman with two kids and has a guy he claims to be his wife. He robs the bank for his sex change operation. It is afterall a comedy?Not really. The second half sees the movie declines into darker depths. It ends in a tragedy. I really hope the movie will end with a lighter note. It feels unbalanced. Based on true events so I kind of cannot complain much. Rating: B