Otro verano

Otro verano

Cano, an obsessed man, comes back to the summer house where his girlfriend Sara disappeared, to recreate the last week they spent together.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Cano, an obsessed man, comes back to the summer house where his girlfriend Sara disappeared, to recreate the last week they spent together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordi T (ag) wrote: Surrealista, exactamente igual que la mayor parte de la filmografia de este extrao genio... Juicios con pantallas enormes que se utilizan para visualizar las pruebas, confetti que cae del cielo tras cada veredicto, y una trama que de puro enredo resulta entretenida... Un videojuego mas convertido en pelicula. Y seguramente no sera el ultimo que Miike convierta... Impagable el loro en el juicio siendo interrogado...

Bernard C (au) wrote: Good story. Great action. Decent performances. Worth a watch. Happiness is a warm gun.

Matt M (br) wrote: A fun little movie that should have had a bigger audience. Those that are 'reviewing; it as 'chikdish' and such never watched it but read the description and decided to post rubbish about it because they are failed filmmakers who consider themselves too 'high bow' for comedy.

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Jerome Y (ag) wrote: Watch this for the 2nd time. One of the movies with Jackie that has a pretty good plot. I really enjoy it.

Zo S (br) wrote: its flat out awful. only special effects were decent. couldve been sooooo much better.

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Grant S (ag) wrote: Great series defamed by a remake-movie.The Sweeney was a great TV series in the 1970s. This is a very lacklustre 2012 movie which does absolutely no credit to the original series.I was hoping for a tight, gritty, realistic drama. Instead I got contrivances, and cliche after cliche. Hardly realistic at all, and often seems more like a vigilante movie than a cop drama. It sometimes felt like a Dirty Harry or Deathwish movie.Not all bad. Some of the action sequences were quite good, and some of the repartee was amusing.Performances are pretty wooden, as you would expect from a gung-ho police drama. Ray Winstone is...Ray Winstone. Always good to see Hayley Atwell...

Michael W (nl) wrote: Enjoyed it very much. Funny, emotionally thought provoking, and spiritually applicable.

Shaun G (ag) wrote: This film is pants! not worth watching.

Nicole V (fr) wrote: i hate hippies, always have, always will. and every time i see pictures of communes, they are always dirty.

Tom S (ag) wrote: a realistic and effective portrayal of alcoholism, as in "Friends" Schwimmer plays drunk very well, realistic and entertaining. The movie suffers only from a bit of predictability and bad taste from the direction.

Juli N (us) wrote: Pretty Ho Hum for a Miike film!

Ben B (gb) wrote: Eigentlich gut, aber es gibt ein bisschen zu viele Zooms. Ab und zu sind die Zooms aber gut, aber auch konnen sie schlimm sein. The cinematograpy was rather interesting and the story was of course very intriguing. Well made, though not overly abundant where I would watch it several more times, maybe once more.

Amy H (nl) wrote: LOVED it! I loved Donnie as a singer, but I think acting is his true calling-he's wonderful! Rose McGowan is great in this as well. This movie should've got more attention and recognition than it did. Recommend it to everyone!

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Sorin H (fr) wrote: This can get either 5 or 1 stars. I wonder if it's a movie at all. The scenes are extremely humorous and it took a lot of genius to make them; allusions to Akira Kurosawa; Herbert Wells and Franz Kafka are light and funny. 5 stars for the genius; 1 for the movie!

Bob W (it) wrote: This is Tom Cruise's finest acting performance. No surprise this film is done by Oliver Stone.

othman b (it) wrote: perfect movie action