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Otto's Eleven

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Zach M (jp) wrote: I watched this documentary because I wanted to know more about what a Brony is.It follows Ashleigh Ball, who voices characters on the current My Little Pony show, and talks to actual Bronies.It is very interesting and informative but doesn't fully provide answers to everything.It would have been nice to hear more from people that work on the show or more about the movement itself.

nivk b (jp) wrote: gayy ass sutpid movie

scott g (ca) wrote: a story of father and daughter, living in a apartment complex and there close relationship living alone and there friends around them, a interesting story which while not to exiting at times does have some interesting moments of drama, and some warm performances to watch throughout

Katrina O (au) wrote: This movie is as much about the boy as the dog. An excellent movie.

Kevin C (it) wrote: 13 years later and i'm the last person in the UK to see this film. Perhaps my gut instincts were not wrong, because this is awful. I smiled once and laughed zero times. It is essentially 8 Milk Tray adverts stitched together in one hideous Christmas compilation. No tale is strong enough to stand on it's own right, and poor Laura Linney/Emma Thompson are held hostage desperate to escape.

Konstantinos L (it) wrote: Simple as running water (or should I say ...blood). Chilling suspense up to the end, great performances, caressing director's touch. A "romantic" escape of human ruins through clean cut Europe. A pulsing thriller.

lamar r (mx) wrote: Hard To Find..But Worth Seeing

Shawn W (us) wrote: Father of an abducted and murdered schoolgirl kidnaps the prime suspect who was released by police and holds the beaten man in the cellar of his pub. Pretty good film where the tension builds as more and more evidence points to the kidnapping. A notable takeaway is one really must prepare a contingency when best laid plans fall apart at the seams.

Fernando L (br) wrote: A story that can melt your heart...even to the last moment of their lives...

Donald W (gb) wrote: Tough Girl in a Serape with a Gun.This is movie stars Raquel Welch. It was an English film made in Spain. It's a basic revenge movie. The character she plays is named Hannie Caulder. She is the wife of a stage coach station manager. The movie starts with three brothers played by Ernest Borgnine, Jack Elam, and Strother Martin robbing a Mexican Bank. After they rob the Bank they go to the stage coach station and kill the manager and rape Hannie Caulder. She hooks up with a bounty hunter who teaches her how to shoot a gun. He takes her to a gunsmith living in Mexico by the sea to make her a gun. Why or how he made her a gun I don't know? Guns in the 1870's were mass produced in factories. The story takes place in Texas in the 1870's. I'm not sure which ocean is in the movie but the sun sets in the ocean. After she finds the three brothers she kills them one by one. Although the movie is rated R the rape scenes are off camera and are more implied than shown. There is no nudity in the whole movie. If the movie was rated today it would probably only rate a PG-13. The violence is typical western gunfights with a little more blood added. This was one of the movies that inspired the two Kill Bill movies. I got this movie on Laserdisc when they put the Laserdisc's on sale because of the introduction of DVD's.

Darren S (it) wrote: Not the WORST movie I've ever seen about teenagers in their twenties going on a crime spree and terrorizing a rural family before getting in a high speed chase that ends inside one of Griffith Observatory's telescopes.

Zoran S (ru) wrote: Quickly paced and enjoyable John Wayne Western.

Silke B (jp) wrote: 14- my favorite Bette Davis movie

Brian C (au) wrote: Quaint little Canadian slasher movie regarding 6 hopefuls trying to get cast as the main character is new film called Audra. The sleazy director has his casting couch already for this, and actresses get killed off one by one.This was quite enjoyable, especially John Vernon. The acting was pretty decent, and a fun story.

Cassidy S (de) wrote: It had its moments and it was overall a cute story, but it wasn't without its flaws. A lot of them.