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Beverly M (au) wrote: Loved the cinematography in this unusual film, however the movie left much to be desired.

Patricia P (ca) wrote: Lo mismo digo. Fados es un recorrido por los diferentes tipos de fados... Muy recomendable y relajante si te gusta este tipo de msica.

John R (de) wrote: 150508: This movie was really looking good to me, for quite awhile. Loved the concept and the inhumane treatment of Adam was shocking. When the Professor makes his appearance it was a real let down. I did not find Thomas Buesch at all appropriate for the character. He just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the film. Too bad as this film had/has a lot going for it.

Heidi (ca) wrote: this movie was so stupid butFUNNY!!!

Michael H (br) wrote: Great acting, memorable songs but really hasn't aged well

Will M (gb) wrote: Although it has some plot holes, this is an awesome film that holds up great 12 years later.

Laura L (ca) wrote: So what if its a clich? That's what that makes Step Up so great! Outdone by it's sequel however

Joshua L (au) wrote: This was a surprisingly good movie. The shit thats said in this movie is fucking gold, funny as shit. Pretty sad too doh.