Oui, mais...

Oui, mais...

Attracted but also frightened by her sexuality, a teenage girl undergoes a brief therapy with a warm, humorous and competent psychotherapist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aravind V (de) wrote: Excellent screenplay. Even top directors want to learn how to make a movie from this.

Matt R (es) wrote: The rare documentary whose narrator expresses no bias toward his subject. We get a well-rounded look at a peculiar man and are allowed to decide for ourselves whether his plight was important or foolhardy.

Siri B (ca) wrote: If you like seeing people ride horses and being crap at shooting - this is the film for you. Tremors was ace, 2 was so-so, 3 picked up the action and was good fun - this is just sad.

brian r (au) wrote: so cool best movie of al JCVD movies

Brandon D (us) wrote: pretty decent but not great

Tommy H (fr) wrote: There's a lot of philosophy talk in this movie. Most scenes work, but not all. Like when buddy is having a flashback and he sees his family. You're thinking it's going to be heart-warming and all that, but they get into an argument about religion and Hitler and ethics while buddy is standing in the corner watching it teary-eyed. I'm not sure if that scene was intended to be funny but I laughed. Woody Allen is great in this. So is Landau but his story is completely different from Woody's with some pretty heavy themes. The whole experience is like listening to a Cure album. Happy one second, sad the next, then happy, then pondering the meaning of life, and sad again...

Nicholas L (jp) wrote: Michael Douglas plays a ridiculously sadistic millionaire whose actions and methods are never fully backed up by good reason or logic and for that matter it's hard to take anything in this movie overtly serious.

Alec B (ru) wrote: It's always on the verge of becoming really entertaining (nearly turning into a post-apocalyptic Vegas heist movie at one point) before falling back on standard genre cliches.

Steven G (it) wrote: By-the-numbers plotting and a script that has a shortage of genuine laughs and pathos make She's All That nothing more than mediocre.