A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

The content revolves around disturbances in the life of a close friends group: Debbie, Laine, Pete, Sarah, Trevor and Isabelle. After the sudden death of Debbie, Laine accidentally discovered a evocation pannel in Debbies room and try to persuade her group to use this  pannel to call Debbies soul to ask about it all. However, instead of talking to Debbies soul, they call a "dark" other. And Isabelle, Pete, Trevor died respectively in "the game" with this soul. But from "the game", Laine discovered deadly secrets in Debbies house ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ouija torrent reviews

Michael H (nl) wrote: Wearing it's heart on it's sleeve, this knows it's completely ridiculous but still manages to be highly entertaining - you don't expect high art with a tile like Wolfcop! It also boasts the best werewolf on human sex scene ever filmed

Tim C (au) wrote: One of the most poorly made war movies I have ever seen. Stock footage makes up 20% of the film. Here are just a quick few errors made during the filming of this movie.....Leather belts during training - NO F__ing wayNo silencer on beach - 9MM -hence no surprise attackNo Scopes on two of the weaponsNo camouflage on any of the SealsNow a Silencer on the 9MM1 Mile shot with scope and then second shot within 1 second - impossibleDo-rag for hat - nice camoLoud talking /screaming when traveling on foot - nonsenseBunched together several times - NO way

ittiwat m (br) wrote: Good but the directing style is too pretentious.

Charles S (ag) wrote: I've always liked this flick, and it has nothing to do with Dushku or Union, (ok maybe a little)SPIRIT FINGERSSSSSSS!!!! (This and Clueless are my guilty pleasures)

Indira S (mx) wrote: just not that good enough

Samantha S (kr) wrote: BAD movie. Stupid and unlikely pairing with NO chemistry.

Alex K (mx) wrote: I Like Sylvester Stallone.

Morris N (mx) wrote: Edward Jamer Olmos--WOW.

Philip R (it) wrote: I had the convenience of not being all too familiar with the television show the aired during the 70's when I watched this film. Because of this I did not have any qualms when something did or did not happen in the film exactly the way it had happened in the show. I have heard of occurrences where those fond of the show would refuse to watch this Robert Altman classic. I find that utterly ridiculous. What many people may not now is that before the movie or the show there was the novel that started it all. MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors by Richard Hooker is the origin of the entire cultural phenomenon. What came next was not the show but the movie. Then came the show. Therefore the show owns a lot of gratitude to this film. And what a film it is. MASH showcases many of Robert Altman's trademark witticism and satire. Made in the first year of what is arguably the best decade in all of cinematic history, it kicks off the 70's, paving the way for many other amazing films to follow within the following ten years, especially the war films. It is no secret that though taking place during the Korean War, it satirizes America's hostile misgivings about the Vietnam War and it does so, not with political statements or heavy handed messages but with a dark, almost depressing, humor. MASH is a movie about people on the brink of insanity because of the war they are fighting but instead of going down the dramatic route of breaking down, the characters lift their martini glasses high and welcome the lunacy that follows. This movie's offbeat humor was hilarious and appropriate. This is a very enjoyable movie.

Ray D (ca) wrote: [color=white][font=Times New Roman][color=white][u][size=4][b][font=Verdana]Moonrise[/font][/b] [/size][font=Verdana][b](1948)[/b][/font][/u][/color][/font][/color] [color=white][color=white][b][i]Moonrise[/i] is a unique[/b] [b]film from the late 40's starring the under-rated and under-cast Dane Clark. [/b][b]Clark plays Danny the tormented son of a man hung for being accused of murder in a small southern town when he was just an infant. The stigma of this event follows him around through childhood and beyond, often resulting in verbal and physical abuse from the other kids in the town. As a young adult he doesn't fare any better really. [/b][/color] [color=white][b]Danny is in competition for the affections a lovely young schoolteacher named Gilly (Gail Russell) and at a local dance he goes outside to fight over her with the rich son (Lloyd Bridges) of a local banker who has also given him grief about his father since childhood. During the fight he manages to kill the other young man and escape into the swamps with Gilly. Danny's life is now one of psychological self doubt and confusion. The conflict in the film and his mind is mostly whether or not to believe he is a bad seed or just a victim of circumstances. The film gives the antagonist a variety of characters to seek refuge with. There is Gilly whom he loves dearly, his wise old grandmother (Ethel Barrymore) and Negro Mose (Rex Ingram) a sage of a man. Even the sheriff (Allyn Joslyn) ,who knows Danny[/b][/color][color=white][b] is guilty of the crime of killing his tormentor, is sympathetic and only advises the young man to come to terms with himself and be honest in court. In time Danny realizes, through all of the good advice he has gotten, that the only way to return to society and a good life would be to turn himself in voluntarily and admit what he has done. [/b][/color] [b][color=white][i]Moonrise[/i] is director Frank Borzage's ([i]A Farewell To Arms; Stage Door Canteen; The Mortal Storm[/i]) take on southern-gothic and noir/psychological suspense all-in-one. Through his intense ideas of mise-en-scene the viewer is treated to a small tightly packaged film with interesting character studies. This is the difference in what could have been just another mid-century b&w local crime drama. Instead it is a colorfully heady, thought provoking film carried by the strongly effective underplayed acting of Dane Clark. [/color][/b] [/color]

James B (gb) wrote: great movie, just all around fun! the movie is about a group of friends find themselves in weird predicaments, with a weird brother in law named "the machine", or maybe it is just a long U2 joke, you decide! either way, if you enjoy self discovery movies, that teach you what really matters in life, which is friends, family, and loved ones, or just enjoy a good laugh, check this film out!

Sara D (it) wrote: I felt like the end credits gave us the extra plot pieces need to make this stupidly short film more worthwhile. Granted, it's interesting and kind of scary but it's just so rushed.