Our Brand Is Crisis

Our Brand Is Crisis

A feature film based on the documentary "Our Brand Is Crisis", which focuses on the use of American political campaign strategies in South America.

The movie follows a battle-hardened American campaign strategist who doesn’t hesitate to stand up to or stare down the candidate poised to become Bolivia’s next president while competing with a long-term rival working for another candidate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Our Brand Is Crisis torrent reviews

Destiny J (kr) wrote: my sis want to see it

John B (it) wrote: I some hopes for this one. Sounded interesting. Not the best movie I have seen. I liked the characters and how the plot was in the movie; but they could have done so much more with this one. I think in a way it was cheaply made. More money and more time spent making this one it might have been a better movie. Kids might enjoy it but they might be scared as well I would say for audiences 10 years and up. I am glad I watched it but I don't think I would ever watch it again.

Jennie D (it) wrote: Awful. One negative cliche about women after another. The main character can't commit, can't finish anything, has no ideas of her own, and doesn't know what she wants. Her female relatives bicker and betray one another. (but oh so lovingly?) and, as far as I got, talk only about men and relationships with men. Really? Someone told me this movie passed the Bechdel test, but it didn't in the first 25 minutes, after which we shut it off. Also has really annoying and repetitive score of a piano tinkling endlessly.

Robby R (it) wrote: Ozu's subtle, deft touch is on display in this war-time released movie about patriachal duty with a whole lot of simmering emotional anguish.

Michael A Elkana F (es) wrote: finally after 6 hours (yes, that's because i kept pausing this movie all over for food, drink, etc last night), i can say this movie was great, but exhausting, glad i'm finished it coz it's worth it definitely =)

Charles James I (br) wrote: Welcome to Sardu's Theatre of the Macabre"Tonight, we begin with torture."I know there's got to be something wrong with me for rating this film so highly. But this is definitely the best Troma production I have seen, and one of the greatest gore movies out there. Period.It's not just gore. It's a form of sick and deeply depraved art. It transcends what you think you might know about sadomasochism, and torture. Although very fun, and campy as hell, this film touches on some very dark ideas. The acting in Troma films is always notoriously bad, and quite laughable at times, yet it seemed to work extremely well in this case. Some of the best campy-horror dialogue around, I guarantee. "Her mouth will make an interesting urinal.."I've seen a few Herschel Gordon Lewis films, and have really enjoyed those. For those of you familiar, a lot of this film is based on HGL's "Wizard of Gore". I feel I am unable to put it in proper perspective not having seen the film that provides precedence to the "Bloodsucking Freaks", yet I still feel confident raving about this movie. I was honestly impressed. You will notice also in viewing this film, that it has helped pave the way, and provide inspiration for a lot of newer gore movies that all the kids enjoy these days.

Genaro M (kr) wrote: Awful. The same socialist themed everyone should get along as long as your not hurting anybody it's all good crap. Enough!

Brian M (de) wrote: It is our generation's caddyshack! Rewatch it way too much and quote it way too much!