Our Day Will Come

Our Day Will Come

Redheaded teen Remy is bullied by his soccer teammates and drawn into fights with his younger sister and mother in their cramped apartment. After a flare-up of domestic violence, he flees home and is tracked down by a bitter guidance counselor, Patrick, also a redhead. Patrick looks upon Remy’s sullen insolence with both sympathy and disdain and decides to toughen him up...

The outcast red-haired teenager Rémy is bulled at school and lives with his estranged mother and sister in France. The also red-haired psychiatrist Patrick befriends Rémy and helps him to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arron H (br) wrote: Another self-loving ode to the British gangster past-time which seems to try and preach to us that there is honour in what these guys do when in reality it's just another evening for me wasted sitting through this drivel.

Marc L (mx) wrote: "The last winter" commenait trs bien : avec son message colo implicite qui voit la nature se rvolter contre l'homme dans une version polaire de "Long weekend", ses deux personnalits antagonistes (l'colo conscientis et le chef de prospection ptrolire) campes sans caricature et son environnement anxiogne et dsol qui n'est pas sans rappeler celui de "La chose", il contenait les promesses d'un solide thriller moins con qu' l'ordinaire. Et puis, on ne sait pas pourquoi, des notions Fantastiques graphiques trop videntes s'en mlent : non seulement cette approche grandguignolesque tranche radicalement avec la crdibilit de ce qui a prcd mais elle ne parvient mme pas se montrer convaincante visuellement.

Tom D (it) wrote: Entertaining enough, but the action is only average and while the political issues are there they are not well brough out.

Koie B (au) wrote: Hey, there's so much I DON'T know; surprising to you, I'm sure. This is a book/movie I've never heard of before. My friend posted a Youtube vid of a trailer.

Kym c my community profile R (us) wrote: Ok I guess saw a couple years ago, is in the DVD collection but I'm a HUGE Dorff fan.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Is this a joke?

Carlos J (it) wrote: YEAH!... All that Jazz.... Again

Michael S (au) wrote: A daring thesis!!!: woman is the downfall of both men and mankind. Fantastic! A campy noir, but I'm not sure anyone invovled in the film got that. Moreau is fine.

Li K (de) wrote: Woody Allen made a musical? why have I not already seen this?

Jay R (jp) wrote: the trailer makes this film seem like a romantic comedy, but also subtly lets you know how it's all going to end. it's not funny in the slightest, and is okay most of the way through the film but the ending ruins the entire thing, i was extremely disappointed with the way this film has made lesbian relationships seem, and it's also kindof homophobic in a way because it's saying that gay relationships are based purely on sex and for a straight woman to turn to another woman for love is her last option when she can't find the right man, but actually that straight woman is just going through a phase and isn't sexually attracted to women and will go back to a man in the end. it makes out as though the gay community are sexually frustrated and can't hold down a happy relationship. watching it in 2014, this film is way behind times with it's views on homosexuality/bisexuality, and it a generally terrible film. badly made, badly written, unfunny, not sexy in the slightest, and the 2 main actresses are so awkward with one another their 'relationship' seems like a joke. 0.5/5 stars. i never want to watch this film again.

Chael N (nl) wrote: Complete waste of time. DO NOT WATCH!