Our Flags Lead Us Forward

Our Flags Lead Us Forward

A Nazi propaganda film based upon the life and death of Hitler Youth Heini Volker, killed while distributing flyers in a Communist neighborhood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe F (kr) wrote: Despite its trio of fine performances, St. Vincent is overstuffed with unfunny clichs to entertain.

Toby E (fr) wrote: Perhaps I should have stuck with it a bit longer but I just couldn't bare it. Normally this kinda drifty indie flick has me intrigued as to the direction its going and where it will end up. This failed to capture that feeling... got about halfway into it before i called it a day.

Shane D (nl) wrote: To remind yourself that Sandler shouldn't be dismissed outright. Like most comic actors, he hits you square in the heart hardest.

Guy W (us) wrote: This is one film that seems as though will only get viewes watching because of Zooey Deschanel's involvment. One's curisosity will be the decider factor on a viewing and might be judged soley on whether this adorable invididual deliversn the goods. It's a short film for sure, econimcal, certaintly and fun as anything, rivally perhaps Empire Records as a place you'd just love to work because of the people invovled. The premise and characters are unique, the story in paper thin but when you have characters this fun and indisyncratic who cares. It could be a little longer but you feel as though (or I did) like you had visited a place that's probably too good for the real word...ala Empire Records. Zooey Deschanel charming as ever and Aaron Stanford makes a nice parnter for her and they riff of each other like they have been friends for years and lovers for longer. The relationship they have can potentially make one jealous.. especially if you are a fan and like me in love with Zooey Deschanel. A fun movie that doesn't have much to say but in the end you'll wish you were working for Christopher Lloyd.

Kathleen C (br) wrote: This film is excellent.

b e (nl) wrote: Low budget thrills with gory kills and supernatural happenings on the Tombstone hills. Underrated fun.

ramis v (nl) wrote: we are talking about ninja here so for sure it is good and very violent.

Matt M (nl) wrote: A department store clerk who must pretend to his sweetheart that he is successful and rich, organises a concest to climb the outside of the department store, but curcumstances force him to climb the building himself. Safety Last is certainly one of the silent slapstick comedy era's finest works and one of the most recognised not least of all because of the amazing stunt where Lloyd climbs the building - a breathtaking gag that celebrates the daredevil antics of the stars of the genre at the time. Here we also find Lloyd's glasses character perfected and letting his goofy and hopelessly romantic personality breathe within the storyline. A real gem of the genre, funny and entertaining.

Thomas A (kr) wrote: This martial arts drama, which serves as prequel to the "Ip Man 1" and "Ip Man 2", does not disappoint. Admittedly, the drama is a bit predictable. Nonetheless, compared to the two other movies "The Legend Is Born: Ip Man" goes even deeper into the history and soul of the Wing Chun style, which makes it a valuable gem for martial arts and history buffs alike.

Annie C (au) wrote: "For me the most beautiful word is grazie."