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Our Own

It is August 1941. With the battle line far away in the east, three soldiers who have managed to escape from captivity find it difficult to hide: the territory is occupied by the enemy. The local woods are not safe: you can easily get embogged. Are the villagers loyal? Nobody can say. There is an old man who offers to help them. Is he reliable enough? He may kill them or report them to the local German authorities. Anything may happen, but one of them, the sniper, is his son who is his youngest, his dearest.

It is August 1941. With the battle line far away in the east, three soldiers who have managed to escape from captivity find it difficult to hide: the territory is occupied by the enemy. The... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Artur C (jp) wrote: i adored my "acting". the best 8 seconds of the movie

Tony O (br) wrote: Charming, in its way. I believe this was originally conceived as a short film, and it shows. There's not enough plot, and a lot of the secondary characters are drawn very broadly. Slight but not terrible.

PJ E (au) wrote: Meh. It's a movie that exists.

Karolina B (mx) wrote: Visiskai paprasta, kiek skurdoka, bet zmoniska istorija apie Dzazmina, jos sese, mama, muzika, teti ir pora siokiu tokiu gyvenimisku nutikimu. Is esmes atrode, kad filmavo ir vaidino visiskos patirties kine neturintys zmones, tiksliau paaugliai, kurie sumaste is lempos padaryti filma. Arba taip liepe ju mokytojas. Nepasant visiskos kokybes nebuvimo ir klaikiai prastos vaidybos, buvo nuosirdus bandymas. Tik geriau toki filma parodyt draugams, teciui, mamai ir gal mociutei, bet nerekomenduociau leist DVD ar pan. Na, tiesiog yra tam tikri kriterijai bei standartai, kuriems sis filmas per mazas.

Zach M (jp) wrote: Though it isn't a bad movie my daughter loves it and honestly it does have some good lessons to be taught in it as well as some laughs to go with it.

Jesse O (kr) wrote: So this movie really won the Academy Award for best foreign film of 2005? What, were there no better foreign movies that year? Not to say that the movie isn't good because it is, but it's in no way great nor even really good. It almost turns into one by the end but I just didn't get into the movie as I would've liked. The movie is definitely very simple, which isn't the problem, in fact I commend the movie for its simplicity and the story of this man trying to redeem himself from his criminal ways through his 'care' for the baby. This is a good idea for a story...in theory. Here's the thing, the redemption simply consists of Tsotsi going to sleep a bad guy and waking up a good guy. That's all it is really, there's no real sense that he'd really changed other than because the movie just chose to present it as such. And his connection to the "baby" wasn't really much either, I mean he's with the baby at least 15-20% of the movie, that's not enough time to get a sense of how he truly changed for how much he had to take care of the child. Especially considering he had ANOTHER person, a woman with a child, take care of him for a chunk, not a big one, of that time. So take that and the fact that his turn into a good guy just consists of a magic wand being waved and him being good, it just seems that a sizable, and very important, part of the movie is completely missing from the finished product. I thought Presley Chweneyagae's performance was good, but people were raving about it and I just don't see it. Other than the last scene, he never really stood out as anything special as an actor. A good, if unimpressive performance. The more I talk about it, the less I actually liked this movie, which may be due to the fact that I just watched Requiem for a Dream just a few hours before I saw this one. And it's hard not to compare the quality of both films even if it's unrealistic and unfair. It didn't engage me in any way whatsoever. Of course the movie's never BAD. I just think it's an average movie that's missing a LOT of information that you're expected to sort of fill out on your own and that's just lazy to me. If it was at least ambiguous, in allowing you to make your interpretation of what happened, but the movie is pretty straight forward so you'd expect it to feel more complete than it is. Disappointing stuff here.

Mara A (ca) wrote: No way in hell it's any good. Not wasting my time...

Joao20 M (de) wrote: Nota: 7.7/10 - 3.9/5

Joel M (nl) wrote: 6/10: Very impressed with this Korean 'cyberpunk', cause I thought only the Japs can produce such films. The CGIs are beautifully stunning. Loves the designs. My only complain is that the action choreography is just average. If they have ppl like Yuen Wo-Ping of Matrix fame to do the action scenes, it will be even better. Watch this if you like Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost In The Shell.

George B (gb) wrote: Amateurish, cheap, and painfully boring sci-fi thriller.:rotten: [size=4]0.50/10[/size]

Richard S (it) wrote: "The Holy Girl" finds Martel modernizing some of the essential themes of mid period Buuel with varying degrees of success. Although it is more tightly focused and takes some daring turns, I never connected with it in the same way as her debut. Previously, meandering served her well, but now that she's moving closer to a standard narrative, the gaps and peculiar repetitions make her film feel tedious. It also lacks the biting humor of the work that presumably served as inspiration. It feels less assured, but you have to think of the pressures involved with following up a fairly substantial festival hit. It's worth seeing, but if you're interested in sampling her style, I'd start with her debut--- or see how things turn out with "La mujer sin cabeza".

Christian D (es) wrote: Very good for young pomemon fans

Anuradha M (au) wrote: nice film but could have been better

Laurel S (jp) wrote: Before they where stars. Good movie as well.

Adam B (ag) wrote: A cute fable based on the hit girls' cartoon series, Rainbow Brite, in which the spritely cartoon moppet rides a horse and battles a dark lord who wants to cause a never ending winter.

Rahul J (gb) wrote: Subtle, and funny - Ray satirizes the Nawab culture, their obsessions and egos with perfect dead pan deliveries of their lines and habits.

Luc P (ru) wrote: Completely boring. The villain death is one of the dumbest I've ever seen. However, a somewhat intriguing story.

Cecilie B (au) wrote: A deserted soldier (Jean Gabin) finds love and trouble in the smoky port of Le Havre in the 1930s. Good French film noir directed by Marcel Carn (C).

Iman G (br) wrote: This was a good movie.

Randy T (br) wrote: All hail Roger Corman! A cult classic with all the trappings you'd expect from uber-cool low-budget 60's science fiction. It wasn't enough that the mad scientist could see through paper, clothes and skin. He kept pushing, kept experimenting until he saw things no man was ever intended to see, things no man should ever see [insert creepy music here].