Our Song

Our Song

Focusing on the bonding between three female (an African American female, a half African American half Latino American female, and a Latino American female) high school members of Brooklyn's "Jackie Robinson Steppers Marching Band" and the choices the girls face once their school closes down because of the need for asbestos removal. This film is about a host of topics, not least of which is the hard-work involved in maintaining

Focusing on the bonding between three girls in Brooklyn's "Jackie Robinson Steppers Marching Band" and the choices the girls face once their high school closes down for asbestos removal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will S (ru) wrote: it was alright, definitely had some interesting elements but im not sure if i would rate it as high as most seem to. i guess if you want to give it extra points for being a disney original movie, then i guess i can see it.

Taylor M (de) wrote: This film, if you can call it that, makes no sense. And not one scare!

Auli H (de) wrote: Hilarious and touching at the same time.

Juha E (au) wrote: Better than "Showgirls"!

Tom N (fr) wrote: Not a nice film, again good story. Unecessary rascist outburst, like in Pusher, but good all the same.

Winny F (us) wrote: It is better than triple tap.

Nico N (nl) wrote: Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat are legends

Greg W (us) wrote: good solid 'psychological' western

Niloo R (us) wrote: the special effects and action sequences are so fake and ridiculous that i couldn't believe they were allowed into the movie

Morgan B (de) wrote: The best part of this movie was the song used for the trailer- Dog days are over by Florence + the machine- This movie was truly boring and ridiculous. Real people don't live like that. You don't just run away and Voila! your problems are solved. Finding yourself is cute for a while- that is till your rent is due and you're confronted with a myriad of concrete issues. Welcome to the uninteresting journey called real life and adulthood where prayer, love and food may not solve all problems.

Milos M (kr) wrote: Disappointment, better to watch Lock Stock and Snatch

Christopher D (br) wrote: Good acting, standard story. Strong if predictable finish.

Keifer B (nl) wrote: Im not sure if this is the movie that my boyfriend wanted me to review because its soon gonna be relateable to me, but here it goes. This is a great movie! Definitely worth watching if you are in a relationship that is rocky.

Chris B (ru) wrote: I didn't know they could make a film that bad. There is nothing worse than watching a film that slowly moves towards a epic conclusion. That................your watching something that is waste of money, waste of electricity, waste of time, & a waste of a review. however you really just got to let it out.

Felipe L (fr) wrote: es bastante graciosa pero lo que la caga es el final enserio el del libro era mejor y no era tan flashero