Out Cold

Out Cold

Animal House meets Casablanca in this outrageous snowboarding comedy. Rick Rambis and his friends are having the time of their lives on Bull Mountain until the legendary Papa Muntz' son decides to sell the mountain to sleazy land developer John Majors, having the staff fired and turning Bull Mountain into 'Yuppieville'.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   mountain,   beer,  

When a boarding mountain is planned to turn into an espresso-and-tofu ski resort, everyone is bummed. Now it's up to decent good-guy Rick Rambis and his pals to save Bull Mountain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frederick M (jp) wrote: A very interesting documentary about the search for the reincarnation of a Buddhist Lama. Everything is shown on camera, including the search for the reincarnated Lama. The search eventually ends when a 2 year old is chosen to be the reincarnated lama. The process is quite interesting and I couldn't help but wonder what the 2 year old was thinking during the whole thing. Was it all just a game to him to identify his previous belongings? The parents of the little Lama are also torn between giving up their son and honouring their faith. I guess it's not a challenging prediction to guess which one they choose. The pain in their faces is obvious when they have to give up their son to a bunch of men in robes.The little boy is interesting and intelligent but you have to wonder about his future and whether he really had any choice in the matter. There's no narration in the movie and both sides are shown pretty fairly. Occasionally the little boy does say things that makes him look like a Lama but then there are times which make him look like a little boy. Even when he's acting like a Lama I have a hard time not believing he's just playing pretend. He's 2 and doesn't really know the motivations of the adult world.Take a kid at 2 and it's very easy to brainwash him and turn him into whatever you want. This is one of the nastier parts of what is otherwise seen to be as a very benign religion.

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Tyler J (gb) wrote: I'm giving this the same of Bride of Chucky I hated this film to This is probably worser then Bride of Chucky Like now they've got a child My God So Horrible!!!

Tina S (ru) wrote: I am a sucker for lame rom coms with extremely attractive casting

Vance D (mx) wrote: Hit so True to Life and Death Story unfolding as I type this. Wonderful movie with Grandma, we both cried like babies.

Joseph A S (au) wrote: "Mikey" (1992) is one of these painful thrillers where a young innocent kid with a caring family turns evil! This was considered to be the "The Bad Seed" of the 90s, not a good one at that and it even has a laughable tagline: "Freddy and Jason were kids once too!" Yeah, and so was Michael Myers! Brian Bonsall plays an 10-year old kid named Mikey Holt who lives with his foster parents and their 5-year old daughter, Beth. Here's where the film gets really hard to sit through! At the beginning of the film, he started lighting papers on fire in the garage with Beth until he was caught by his mother, Grace Kelven and yelled at him. As for revenge, he took Beth's doll, she chases him and threw it in the swimming pool. Beth tries to catch it while on the diving board with Mikey jumping around until she felt in and drowned. 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Things were going out well with Mikey's new family, he has a friend named Ben, goes to a new school with a teacher, Shawn and Neil teaches him with archery, who's very natural with a bow and arrow, he even draws a picture of a swimming pool as a symbolic of being good. Mikey was a good kid for a while until the "marble" incident at school where he wants to win a prize and couldn't! That's where things starting to get even ugly when he drew a picture of a turkey chopping of a pilgrim's head with an axe, as Shawn announced to Jenkins that he has "Unattached Syndrome", a psychotic problem which makes the child more evil than ever. So now, Mikey has taken the matter of his own hands as he goes on a series of killing activities. 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Oh, and here's more as the many scenes followed, he kills Rachel by pushing her at the balcony, shoots an arrow at Jenkins and oh my god, he even slingshots a marble slowing up on Shawn's face, shooting up blood anywhere and drags their bodies into the dining room with a child skeleton and turns on the oven and once Neil comes home with a Surprise, he saw them on the dinner table, he screams and Mikey throws a flaming bottle in the house and explodes leaving Neil dead with them. As the police and fire department arrives, a local fireman questions Ben, Jessie and their mother about what happened in there and mentions about a 10 year-old kid there. They wondered if Mikey was dead. So a couple of a days later, we found out that Mikey is suffering from amnesia and was named "Josh" and ends with another foster parents in a typical here-we-go-again cliche, saying "Are you gonna be my new mommy and daddy?"This is without a doubt the worst child killer movie I've ever seen and I saw "The Good Son", which is way worse and even many followers like "Orphan". No wonder it was banned in the UK, no one wants to see a child killing somebody. The film was shot like a bad TV Movie of the Week and it shows, filled with cookie cutter dialogue, bad acting, ridiculous and pointless scenes, poorly edited, and a wasted talent of Brian Bonsall, who was so good in "Family Ties", did enjoying him later in "Blank Check" (I know not many people like this film, but it was certainly better than this!). He was a great child actor that sadly deserves so much better than this dreaded material! BTW, I met him once in 1991 with my brother Jason in L.A. during the "Dance Outreach" program supported from my elementary school. He sure was cute as a button back then though. Now as an adult, he fallen through hard times. I wonder how he really felt after making this movie, I'm sure I wouldn't know. The film was directed by Dennis Dimster, an actor and director who did TV appearances and later directed "Wicked, Wicked Games" and "Double Identity" (2009) with Val Kilmer. This must have been his earlier project that simply have gone to waste! It was a direct-to-video release in the U.S. on September 23, 1992 and saw it at very young age. And, to this day, it's still horrible! Don't waste 90 minutes of your time, watch something better!

Sean D (mx) wrote: So I forgot I saw this and probably hated it. The stories were bad, the last story was original but was completely idiotic and made no sense but was based on keeping your word or consequences could occur, unfortunately it was done in a really poor way that came off as being really dumb.

Manish (br) wrote: Watch this in big screen.

George M (br) wrote: awesome and powerful movie

Jens T (ca) wrote: Chris Marker's short film, La Jete takes place some decades after world war III. A world ruined by atomic war. The few survivors lives underground. The future is not longer about weapons, but about getting more time. The leaders decides to experiment on a prisoner in order to send objects back in time. A prisoner that has obsessive childhood memories about a murder that occurred on the day of the apocalypse. He's being send back in time before the war occurred. It takes a long time before he's able to move. And when he finally does, the leaders decides to liquidate the prisoner. Now the prisoner has to make a run for it.La Jete is special because it's not a real film, but a slideshow full of still images that creates a story. That's right, it's a photo story, with a bunch of amazing photos that haunts you, featuring great sound effects besides the narrating, such like the metallic sounds, echoes, water drops, a German doctor and etc. All this creates the perfect post-apocalyptic feeling. Surreal filmmaker Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys was highly influenced by La Jete, specially the great twist ending. A great photo story. Thumbs up.

michael l (de) wrote: Many of the same themes as Into the Wild but expressed without the need for explicitly stating it, Reichardt is so adept at conveying great amounts with such minimalist presentation. What really makes you happy? What is the human soul longing for? A naturalistic connection that questions how our capitalistic culture interacts with deeper, personal motivations. "Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy."Great truths here.