Out In The Silence

Out In The Silence

There may not be any secrets in a small town, but there is an expectation of silence. In A Town Called Oil City, the return of a native son to announce his same sex wedding and help a gay teen who is being tormented at school offers a chance to change the way things have always been done.

The film focuses on the widely varying, emotional reactions of the residents in town  including the teen and his mother, the head of the local chapter of the American Family Association, and an evangelical pastor and his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham B (fr) wrote: After countless casting calls and balancing a dead-end waitress job, struggling actress Sarah Walker gets a call back for the role of a lifetime, but what is she willing to sacrifice to get it?Owing heavily to Rosemary's Baby and 80s Cronenburg body horror, this film takes an interesting twist on a Faust tale with a gruesome conclusion I dare you to not turn away from. A very competent piece of a well told genre.

Rich A (fr) wrote: This added absolutely nothing to the 3 films I've already seen. You karrrrrrrrnt

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Watching.. I remember Winter plugging this movie last year..

Adam U (au) wrote: It was a so-so movie I agree with another comment and felt bad for Norma's and Bridgets dissapointing lives. And was hoping Trace Adkins would have a better part then what he did , he prob knew it was gonna be bad. it did have some original death scenes in also. but the 4 stars is for the fact the even though Norma was a zombie you still had to feel sorry for her

Stan N (nl) wrote: much love to Jaime King ....

Heather W (ru) wrote: I keep coming back to this movie as one of my favorites. I believe going through at least one heart-wrenching breakup is an awful right of passage in the human experience that we are all forced to travel at some point in our lives. This movie not only shines a humorous light on how the characters grapple with the crippling emotional affects of romantic love, but writers were surprisingly accurate in portraying the 360 degree view of cause and effect in secondary characters lives. Plus...the quotes are priceless!

Dave J (br) wrote: Thursday, June 28, 2012 (2006) A Few Days In September (In French with English subtitles) THRILLER An unknown assialiant Irene (Juliette Binoche) is being sent to pick up a brother and sister to see the father they had never saw before with William Pound (John Turturro) as a hitman right at their tail and executing people who comes between them. Low brow thriller which starts out well with the only thing that's interesting is the interation between the two teenage characters Irene is hired to be aiding to see his antural father(Nick Nolte) with an ending that ruined the entire experience that's somehow connected or a corralation between what happened in this film and 9/11 is quite baffling to say the least. 2 out of 4

Dan K (es) wrote: Global Warming causes superstorms all over the USA.

Joe B (kr) wrote: Worth watching for Keanus cameo alone!

Wrik S (it) wrote: Slightly complicated, but never the less strong..

Melissa K (ag) wrote: I have no idea why this is rated so low - It is exactly what it promises - Dark, violent, with a gritty production quality that matches the theme. Excellent cast and I'm sure the crew had to do some pretty brutal research in order to make it happen. I generally don't watch ultra violent movies or many horrors... but I've watched this several times because you go through it with Tom and the end is superb.

Jason S (de) wrote: its a pretty good nicolas cage movie

Oscar H (es) wrote: Det hr r ngot s otippat som en remake av Forbidden World, den fristende uppfljaren till lgbudget-Alien-ripoffen Galaxy of Terror, men hr r budgeten n lgre. Dock satsar man hr, till skillnad frn de tidigare titlarna, delvis p humor, vilket man gr rtt i! Roboten (med det finurliga namnet Tinpan) r mycket trevlig och monstret helt okej. Och visst r det sknt nr hjlten, under ett parti med en massa vetenskapligt dravel, utbrister "Skippa skitsnacket, lt oss g och dda fanskapet!".

Tim M (br) wrote: Historic, important, and powerful. I was captured by this as a 12 year old. I am still impressed by this flick's ability to keep me enthralled for over three hours. Like all good movies, it doesn't matter how long they are if they are entertaining.

Art S (ru) wrote: Another entry with Sidney Toler as Chan (after Warner Oland died but before the series moved to low-budget Monogram Pictures). Here Charlie (with "help" from Number Two Son Jimmy) knows he is being lured into a trap by an escaped killer who he sent to death row with his testimony. The action take place in a Wax Museum dedicated to killers and crime (creating a pretty creepy mise-en-scene) and as usual a host of character actors are trotted out (sometimes with very little real differentiation) to play the role of red herrings. The solution here is either too easy (one main clue) or impossible if you judge that clue to be the kind of classic misdirection that usually takes place in these films.

Jasmine L (ru) wrote: own it...HILARIOUS!!!

Robert B (ru) wrote: House of Sand and Fog could very easily have been much better. Hard to believe that with Ben Kingsley's strong performance, this did not turn out to be an excellent film. House of Sand and Fog did have some powerful scenes but the whole was less than the sum of its parts. The plot became absurd towards the end, which made it hard to take seriously and yet it was still a decent enough film. Recommended for good dramatic acting.

Eduardo B (au) wrote: I got a lump in my throat when I saw this in the theater. Years later it is still a holiday favorite. My little one calls the green guy a crocodile.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Pretty exciting. Interesting sci fi concept.

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